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Flying Orc is a website built to give you your up to date gaming news, reviews, opinions and gossip. Don't be afraid to contact us with ways to improve the website, or even to submit stories to us! We are always looking for your opinions and suggestions and are more than happy to field your questions! Talk to us on Facebook or Twitter. You can also contact us through our contact form in the appropriate section below and we will do our best to respond as quickly, and professionally, as possible.

We are an independent company, which gives us an unshackled and unbiased opinion. This allows us to bring you a melting pot of opinions and outlooks each week, alongside all the top news, reviews and gossip. Finally, we are extremely passionate about gaming and the gaming world. We are beyond dedicated and believe that our views on every aspect of this amazing gaming world will make for an interesting (and fun!) website to follow to and be a part of! Listen, learn, debate and contribute to make it an even better website! 

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If you have any questions, suggestions, opinions or advice, then please feel free to contact us through our contact form. We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

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Our gaming News comes as quickly and regularly as possible, but even with our awesome team of researchers tend to miss things, so you can always submit news to us and help us get people's news to them daily! To do this just click on the contact form above this section. Thank you!


Our reviews are based entirely on the opinion of the writer and they do not necessarily represent the views of Flying Orc as a whole. 


We currently house the original KJBcast podcast, and soon we will be home to many many more podcasts. If you have a gaming podcast and you wish to house the podcast with us, contact us at our our normal contact email (flyingorccontact@gmail.com) with a sample of your work and a list of the different members. We will review everything and we can hopefully welcome you aboard. Due to a high volume of work it may take a while to respond, but we assure you that we will check out every submission and if we feel that it fits in here at Flying Orc, we will be happy to welcome you aboard. Our podcasts are based entirely on the opinion of the hosts and they do not necessarily represent the views of Flying Orc as a whole. 


Our videos are made by the Flying Orc crew and will be updated as frequently as possible. Our videos are based entirely on the opinion of the video creators and they do not necessarily represent the views of Flying Orc as a whole. 


We do not have a set time for how often these can be published, so please be patient. Our interviews are based entirely on the opinion of the interviewee and they do not necessarily represent the views of Flying Orc as a whole. 


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