"Supergirl" Finds It's First Villain

The CBS take on Supergirl has slowly but surely been finding it's cast. Supergirl is being executive produced by Greg Berlanti, the man behind Arrow and The Flash. Supergirl herself will be played by Melissa Benoist, known primarily for her role in the new movie Whiplash, and she is also known for her appearance in "Glee". 

Mehcad Brooks is set to play the love interest of Supergirl. He will play the young photojournalist Jimmy Olsen. Jimmy works closely with Clark Kent, AKA Superman.

Now Supergirl has found her first villain to take on. The Lumberjack will face off against Supergirl in the pilot episode of CBS' upcoming TV series.

The DC Comics-based series is seeking a towering actor to fill the role of Lumberjack in the series' first episode. It is also indicated that this version of Lumberjack, who is characterized as a "big, burly monster of a man," would have already faced Superman in the show's established history, which brings us the question of whether we'll eventually see Superman himself appear on the series down the line.

In the comics, The Lumberjack made his sole appearance in 1980's Wonder Woman #268 -- where he fought Wonder Woman alongside two other villains, Red Fang and Changeling.