NBC May Move Constantine To New Network

This week, NBC renewed a great collection of its original programs, but unfortunately for fans of Constantine, the freshman drama was missing from the list. Since the release of the list, there was a huge outcry from fans for the show to be renewed. In an effort to keep the show alive, it seems that Constantine is being rumored for a network move to the NBC Universal run channel, Syfy. This type of move is unheard of from a network. They usually want to keep their titles, even why they're dying.

Despite the fact that Constantine shut down production after fulfilling its 13-episode order with NBC and was not picked up for additional episodes, reports have indicated that NBC is a fan of the niche drama, and the show might still live on for a second season.

The numbers are proving to be enough that the show could potentially still be picked up for a second season on NBC. If this fails, however, they may move the show to SyFy. What is next for the show is unclear, but we will hear more in the coming days. When we know more, you'll know more!

Obviously, NBC has worked with the Constantine crew to make the series a little closer to the Hellblazer comics the show is based on, but there is still definite room for improvement, and moving the show to a cable network could help the show be more of the badass, dark endeavor that Constantine should be. In fact, if the show moves, reports indicate that NBC Universal might even go so far as to rebrand the series and call it Hellblazer, which would appeal even more to comic fans. Cable also allows shows more leniency in terms of what can or cannot be shown, so the series could potentially be darker, gorier, and feature more smoking. 

If NBC can find a way to keep Constantine on the air, it should. The show has a fanbase that is active on social media and has started the #SaveConstantine campaign, similar to the Longmire campaign that landed the show on Netflix a few months ago. Even William Shatner has gotten into the game.