Limitless TV Adaption to Star Bradley Cooper

A small screen take on director Neil Burger’s 2011 hit film "Limitless" is in the works. Although Burger himself was planning to direct the pilot, scheduling problems have led to Burger Handing it over to Marc Webb, who is known for (500) Days of Summer and The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2.

The original movie stars Academy Award nominees Bradley Cooper as Eddie Morra, Morra is an author suffering from writer's block. A friend offers him an experimental drug named NZT, designed to enhance the limits of the human brain. Although the drug is incredibly beneficial at first, making him better at everything, Morra quickly finds himself in over his head.

The Limitless TV series is in development to air on CBS through Relativity Television and Georgeville Television and will feature Burger as an executive producer alongside Cooper himself, Tom Forman, Heather Kadin, Ryan Kavanaugh, Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Todd Phillips and Tucker Tooley.