Gotham Will Introduce The Joker Before Season 1 Ends

Gotham appears to want to drown their fans in villains this season. The monstrous parade of future super-villains on Gotham is getting out of control. The unstoppable force of villainous announcements is growing yet again. Literally an hour ago we reported that Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia will be joining the ranks

Apparently The Joker will be making a short appearance before season 1 ends. Well, now Bruno Heller is saying the slow-burn buildup for that story isn’t done yet – but viewers at home will, in fact, get their first taste of that villain plot thread before the show’s first season wraps up.

We’ve said you’re going to be waiting a bit longer for it, but this is America — nobody wants to wait. [Laughs] So, we will scratch the surface of that story, yes. But just scratch it — a little tap on the door [before season one is done].
— Bruno Heller, Gotham Creator

Heller also mentioned that any Joker nods included on the show thus far are smoke and mirrors – and not necessarily direct foreshadowing of what’s to come on Gotham, however there are clues and hints throughout series one that may indicate who the Joker may be. The common thought is that The Penguin is actually the Joker, and Robin Lord Taylor has actually spoken about it in an interview, but he knows what everybody else does about the shows future, which is absolutely nothing.