Transformers: Fall of Cybertron - Single Player

What can I really say? The Transformers Geek in me absolutely cried over the beauty of this game. The Gamer Geek in me couldn't put the controller down. The girlfriend next to me was not pleased. I loved War for Cybertron, so there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to love Fall of Cybertron. I knew the story before I went in, so I was extremely pleasantly surprised to see some of the changes they had made. 

It was fantastic seeing the destructive environment just crumble beneath some of the overly powerful weapon blasts. Playing as some of my favourite Transformers has somehow completely an age old childhood dream. In the same way that War for Cybertron swapped you between the Autobots and Decepticons, you can once again play the full story from both sides as you progress in Single Player. This was clever, but really tough sometimes. You work so hard to achieve something as an Autobot and then work even harder as a Decepticon to undo the thing you spent a few hours trying to achieve. 

Glitch spots run rampant during this game. There is one particular moment near the end involving Jazz and Bruticus and I accidentally got knocked underneath the ground at the end of our battle, the only solution being that I restart from a previous checkpoint which inevitably meant that I needed to do the entire battle again. Playing in hard mode was interesting as some of the game resulted in being so simple, and then some parts had me furious with the game as I was just being killed again and again. But, this is what I look for in hard mode when it comes to any game, I love a challenge. This game will give you a challenge.  

Easter Eggs are EVERYWHERE. There are mini games and hidden transformers and references absolutely everywhere. You will accidentally stumble on a few, and probably need a guide to find the rest. They are fantastic, though. I love that so much work went in to every ounce of this game. It really payed off. I am what you could call a "hardcore fan" of Transformers. I love the stories and the characters and they were a vital part of my childhood. Full Moon studios did an amazing job. I was very happy playing this game. There is nothing I would of changed! 

Dinobots were an interesting addition to the story. I really enjoyed how they were filtered in to the game. At first it was just references from the occasional recording that you'd find laying around, and then they got more and more involved and finally you get to play as Grimlock. I won't spoil and of the story, but trust me when I see this whole story arch was done perfectly. They didn't dominate the game, but they definitely enhanced it.  

Seeing Metroplex in the game was just.. indescribable. The game just ran so smooth, especially the parts with Metroplex. He is constantly moving around you and helping you, during this part of the game. It's beautifully done. I loved the main story, and I loved playing as each of the characters and watching how each characters involvement would play a vital role in the overall story. This game is a MUST HAVE for any Transformers fan, and I think it is certainly worth getting for people who are just in to playing a good game. Just when I thought the game was over "You got the touch" started playing and the credits started rolling with these funny little transformers animations. Transformers: War for Cybertron is truly the game that keeps on giving until it can give no more. For a full multiplayer review, click here

Overall Score: 10/10 

- Ken Seiler