Transformers: Fall of Cybertron - Multiplayer

We are blessed to have a second iteration of the highly exclaimed transformers game. I loved the War for Cybertron multiplayer, especially the way High Moon studios incorporated vehicle and the transforming robot combat in to the same game. 

Fall for Cybertron follows pretty much the same recipe as it predecessor, you have four basic class types you can choose from. The small agile Infiltrator, the medium sized Destroyer, the super heavy Titan, and the flying healer Scientist. Each have its own special ability such as invisibility, projecting a barrier shield, murderous whirlwind assault, and a healing beam, and each has its own unique vehicle mode, obviously. 

In vehicle mode you generally move faster than your robot counterpart and the scientist can even fly. Each has a vehicle weapon, which are not to be laughed at. Many times I’ve managed to kill people while in vehicle form and it’s always nice to know that at a touch of a button you can escape a fight that you just are not going to win.

As for the Multiplayer modes there are four to choose from, the most popular being Team Deathmatch and Conquest:

Team Deathmatch is still king in my opinion with the straightforward goal of being the first team to get 40 kills. It will have you coming back for more each time you play and if you get a good group of friends playing together you can rule the battlefield.

Conquest is a close second best for me, three Energon Nodes are spread across the map, and each team vies for control of them. Holding a Node gains points for your team, and the first team to 300 points wins. It's a great mode for starting players, to learn the maps. Since it is possible to gain XP for helping to capture Energon Nodes if you're a really good shot or not, you can grind your way up to better weapons and abilities .

Capture the Flag is the classic wargame. As the name suggests you capture the enemy flag and have to return it to your base. You score a point when both flags are in your base at the same time. So you have to defend your flag while capturing the enemy’s.

Head Hunter is an interesting variation of game modes where you kill enemies and collect their sparks, you then have bring them to a Collection Node to score points. The Nodes move in order to discourage camping, and of course, if you get jumped on the way back the enemy gets all the sparks you've been carrying, and yours.

Escalation is the survival mode from the first instalment of this game. For those who'd like to continue playing the existing Transformers in multiplayer, or who miss the co-op Campaign Mode, this is where you get a choice of one of four famous Autobots or Decepticons who fulfill specific roles that are similar, but not quite matching to the multiplayer classes. Characters not playable in Campaign Mode like Wheeljack, Perceptor and Shockwave are available here, and fulfill certain preset roles such as launching a Sentry, healing teammates, or deploying an Ammo Beacon to keep weapons firing.

Overall I like the updated graphics, and the tweaked game play have made a great online multiplayer. You can definitely see that you need to have a spread of the classes to have a real chance of winning. If everyone on the team is a scientist, you will get beat down by the heavier weapon systems. High moon Studios have somehow managed to balance the gam eplay while providing huge maps with spectacular backdrop to run (or drive) around blasting away other gigantic transformers. What more can you ask for? For the Single Player review, click here!

Overall Score: 8/10

- Kevin Newman