Team Fortress 2: Mann Vs. Machine

It's safe to say I'm a pretty big TF2 fan. I first played it on the Xbox when the Orange Box came out, and upgraded to the PC version as soon as I got a better laptop. Sufficed to say, I was stunned by the difference in both game quality and online community. PC is THE platform for TF2, if only because it allows Valve total control over updates just like this.


Mann Vs. Machine is the two billionth update for the online shooter that this time adds something entirely different to the previously largely Team Deathmatch orientated game: co-op play. Mann Vs. Machine pits 6 player (you and five teammates) against ever strengthing waves of AI robotic attackers, all of whom resemble TF2's well-known classes. During the game, bonuses are awarded to players in the form of (for example) a second sentry gun for Engineers or increased range for the Pyro's airblast.

If this is starting to sound a lot like a standard Gears of War-style Horde mode, that's because it sorta is. But this is no bad thing. Co-op play can often be a great gear change from non-stop competition, and Mann Vs. Machine captures everything a good horde mode should be in a bottle. The play is frenetic and fast-paced, and the AI is surprisingly good and comes in waves the grow increasingly ridiculous in size. Not as good as, say, a well experienced player, but enough to give me and the random strangers I played with a run for our money. Had I been playing with close friends, I'm sure it would have been even more enjoyable than it already was. I earnestly look forward to playing this again.


If you've never played TF2, this is yet another sterling reason to try. Besides the game being free. FREE.


Mann Vs. Machine is available now.