Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt

The story behind Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt starts off by the player taking a trip with Sir Hammerlock to hunt down some of the biggest and baddest creatures on the planet. Things goes somewhat wrong thanks to a Hyperion scientist by the name of Professor Nakayama. Probably the most needy of all villains. However, his dialogue is hilarious.

Nakayama is obsessed with Handsome Jack, and his plan is to clone him and bring back the reign of evil he wanted to bring upon Pandora. It's unfortunate that the main quest is over before it really begins, I thought Dr. N had a goofy charm and was hoping to face increasingly ridiculous bosses. On the plus side, however, is that there are few extra side quests to occupy your time, but considering how much this DLC would cost without the season pass, I'm left to ask the question "is this really worth it?". 

Though you can access Big Game Hunt at any time with fast-travel posts, it’s much much smarter to save it for when you’re either suitably leveled up, level 30 is a good start.

The setup for Big Game Hunt is absolutely with opportunity. Sir Hammerlock has invited you out to his cabin in Aegrus for a quiet weekend of hunting and boisterous humour. The new area called Aegrus is very African Leading the way of the new bandits and psychos wearing tribal masks and throwing tridents, the humanoid Witch Doctors are a huge threat as they can both heal and instantly level up party members. This makes gameplay incredibly difficult when you're being outnumbered, as the enemy is healing quickly and coming at you quite fast. Aside from their support capabilities, Witch Doctors are also capable of turning into elemental tornado if players get too close, surrounding them in a whirlwind of fire, acid, or even vampire bats that can cause confusion and panic along with a trigger happy, ammunition eating, response. Another enemy that will cause you difficulty is the Drifter, an enemy that fans of the Borderlands 1 DLC will remember. These tall 4 legged creatures are an absolute pain if you're not a high enough level.

Fortunately, that's not all of the threat that Aegrus has to offer. There is the completely new scorpion-influenced scaylions which can come at you in any size, and the boroks who can stomp the ground and cause considerable damage. The most threatening and formidable are the silent but deadly Giant Spores. These elemental balloons float high above players, approaching at the worst possible opportunities to make their move. They often fire smaller spores at you, each one has limited health but can do a lot of damage if they land an attack. When the giant spore is destroyed it will split into smaller spores, often distracting you from imminent threats around you. 

It’s difficult to recommend Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt for gamers who aren’t receiving the DLC as part of their already purchased Season Pass, as the content feels like it is missing something in its overall presentation and execution. No level cap increase, no increased storage, and only a few of new non-legendary guns are hardly selling points. Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt is not the best Borderlands 2 DLC I have played, but I did enjoy it. If you're a diehard fan, you've already gotten this DLC. If you're unsure about spending the 800 points this will set you back, then this DLC is not for you. This DLC is really just aimed at the people who adore this game. 

Overall Score: 7/10

- Ken Seiler