Rooster Teeth vs. Zombiens Review


A company best known for its web content, Rooster Teeth has been seriously stepping up their game over the past few months. They have recently announced the development of their first feature length movie; Lazer Team, a partnership with Fullscreen and now, their first full game has been released. 

They are no strangers to appearing in mobile games, as they have also recently appeared in Age of Booty: Tactics. However, this game is their first game where the Rooster Teeth faces we know and love take the lead.

Rooster Teeth vs. Zombiens is going to appear familiar to people in some respects. The biggest and most obvious point is something that I feel should get out of the way immediately, simply so my comments section is bombarded. It is clearly based on other familiar the zombie mode from Call of Duty: Black Ops. Black ops is not the only game with hoard modes. Halo, for example, has firefight. It's all similar, but I just happen to get a feeling of Black Ops from this. The object of the game is simply that you fight hoards that get increasingly more difficult as time goes on, and you gain coins which you use to buy weapons or unlock rooms. Now that the obvious Black Ops observation is out of the way, let's get started.

Once you start the game and shoot past the main menu you begin your quest for survival in the Rooster Teeth building with a 10 second countdown. You begin unarmed and three or four aliens make their approach. You melee attack them to make your first few dollars and immediately spend it on the closest weapon before the next hoard approaches. 

As far as weapons go, they really outdid themselves. You can get DVDs to throw, pistols to shoot, axes to attack with and more. In typical Rooster Teeth fashion they also put in quite a few references and the occasional plug. You can get a Minecraft sword to hack-n-slash with, or, the far cooler RWBY scyth from their internet hit, RWBY.  You can also find the Inifity Glove from their game show, The Gauntlet.... or from the Avengers.


So, you've got your scyth and you're mowing down hoard after hoard, and you're about to die. What then? Well, you could throw in the towel and give up, or you could throw down a self-firing shotgun that'll be your backup and give you time to regroup. You can also hide behind a baracade while your traps do all the work. You can throw down land mines and bear traps to protect your baracdes and live like the Mad King, laughing maniacally while zombies get ventilated. 


The unfortunate part of this plan is that you need to collect items that drop from zombies to craft all your wonderful toys, so you will eventually run out of some vital supply and realise you are stuck against a wall and a golden door. What now? Well, you spend some of your money to open said door and escape in to the next room and run to your temporary safe haven. Usually in each room is some loot, health and a weapons machine. If you're really lucky you might even spot a familiar face. 


As the golden door bursts open you might hear the soothing sound of Geoff's drunken voice, or be screamed at by Michael as he runs past you and punches a zombie in the side of the head. There are several familiar Rooster Teeth faces running around the game. According to a statement made by Barbara from Rooster Teeth, there are 8 RT staff running around.

You’ll be able to encounter 8 different RT employees in the game, while exploring the RT studio! (I must admit, it’s a bit weird to play the game, then walk out into the hall and think you’re still in the game.. it’s freaky how accurate it is)
— Barbara Dunkelman

Naturally there are a few bugs in the game. I warped through a wall and got destroyed by a zombie I was kiting at one point, for example. One of my support characters died with health actually left, too. However, bugs are a natural infestation to any version 1.0 app. There is no avoiding it, unfortunately. They didn't impact my overall enjoyment, and they don't even need to be focused on too heavily, but I feel they do need to be noted.

There are a few things I would change in the game, if given a chance. For example, I would allow custom character creation. That is something I felt was lacking. I do understand the logic behind their choice to have set characters, though. They have offered two extra characters for their website sponsors, which is quite clever, it allows an additional reward for their sponsors, plus it brings more people to their sponsor program. 

Another thing I would change is the ability to control the attack style of the Rooster Teeth employees. I get the impression that Rooster Teeth does whatever it wants, whenever it wants, but I would still like it if my allies would not immediately charge at every enemy and you could actually plan a strategy with a combination of traps and attacks. 

All-in-all, I truly enjoyed the game. It helps that I'm a fan of Rooster Teeth, but even if you exclude those guys from the equation, it's a truly enjoyable game type that I love. Overall, I'm very impressed. For their first game, with the help of the developers Team Chaos, they really blew it out of the water. To spite the temporary bugs, and the few things I would consider changing if the game were my own, I still think they did a fantastic job. I can't stop playing this game. It's worth every cent. 

Overall Score: 10/10

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