Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff


So, it's time for another iOS review. This one is coming a little late due to some game-breaking issues with the game, which TinyCo fixed for me personally. I'll get in to all that throughout the review, though. 

Family Guy is one of those shows you either love or hate. You love its humor, whether it’s offensive or not, or you hate it. It's pretty simple. There is no in-between. Well, not one that I've met, anyway. Whatever you think, Family Guy is here to stay. Seth McFarlane's shows may be getting cancelled lately (Dad's, Cleveland Show), but his oldest creation appears to be the longest living one. 

I am a huge Seth McFarlane fan, so I jumped at the chance to get the iOS title. I turned it on and I was so excited. There was Peter and Chris getting up to the usual antics, accompanied by hilarious dialogue and a familiar set of buildings and characters. 

The Quest for Stuff  looks very very good. TinyCo has done an amazing job recreating the familiar haunts in the show. Houses look the same, all the way down to minor details. If a building is animated in the show, it’s animated here, such as the sign at the top of The Drunken Clam.

Aside from the multitude of buildings, bits of various episodes have made their way in, as well as characters. Herbert the Pervert, Bonnie, Jerome, Mort, Mr. Pewterschmidt, to name but a few. You can buy objects like the Golden Pool, the Hindenpeter, Petercopter, Crippletron and more. If it’s remotely memorable from the show, it’ll be in the game. Maybe not yet, but soon.

The game contains FaceSpace, which is the Family Guy take on Facebook. When you unlock a character, they’ll appear in FaceSpace, with a profile appropriate to them. As each character levels up, occasional rewards will be a new FaceSpace post, in addition to new items or actions. You will now also receive "Clams" for completing full sets of characters.

"Clams" are the premium currency of the game. You collect coins for completing jobs, but you receive clams for accomplishing bigger tasks, like finishing a full set of costumes or character groups. You can then use them to buy a multitude of characters, or upgrade your workers so you can build more than one item at once. 

As I previously mentioned, the characters themselves level up. Every time a character levels, they’ll gain access to a new action, a new costume that needs to be built at Al Harrington’s Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube store, and more. You can tap a character and then select an action, or if an action requires interacting with something. You can also pick up your characters and drop them on the location you wish them to work. 

You can enter a Multiverse that Stewie has found, which is basically your neighbours. You can them perform 3 actions for coins, XP and sometimes clams, before returning to your own Quahog. A trick to the clams is wait 24 hours, You can collect one clam every 24 hours, but the towns themselves are usually ready to be visited every 20 hours. It can be tricky. 

This game loaded with in app purchases, and most of the fun and fancy buildings will require clams. A negative feature in the game is that you are constantly bothered, both directly and indirectly, to purchase clams. One of the first missions tasks you with buying a $4.99 box of coins, and they’ll give you $4.99 of clams as a bonus. Great offer, but it won't go away as a mission unless you do it.

Unlocking characters is not as easy as just completing a building. To Unlock characters you need to build the specific building, and then you need perform tasks with others so they can drop an item required for the unlock. 

Each action takes a certain amount of time to complete. Sometimes an hour, or even 15 minutes, and sometimes 12 or 24 hours. That's normal in a game like this, though. 

The game can be offensive, but that’s expected since the game is based on the humor of the show. If you’re offended by what some characters say in the show, you’ll be offended here. It is advised you don't play this game if you're easily upset by this humour. 

As I said, I've encountered a few game breaking bugs. One of which was that I couldn't spend money. I couldn't place buildings or anything or the game would come up with an error and crash. So I continued to send them on jobs and contacted TinyCo through their support system. They helped me and within a few days I was back to playing again, no problem. Thanks, Myles! 

Another issue I encountered was that I had started playing the first version they launched, which was before you could create an email account. So I logged in with my Facebook account and that was all fine and dandy, until I attempted to log in on my iPad. It kept attempting to erase my town to replace it with a lvl. 1 town, which was immensely irritating. I contacted them and they fixed it and now it works fine, but it just shows you that you need to report these bugs. If you just try get used to it or deal with it, they may never know, or may not be able to fix it. 

TinyCo are also very open to ideas. You can contact them and talk to them directly on their Facebook page. This may not seem important, but it really is. To improve the quality of a game, it's always important to listen to the fans. This is something that I really appreciate from any game developer, no matter how big or small. 

TinyCo have timed events in-game, which keeps things fresh. For example, a few weeks ago you had a weekend to unlock the Pee-Pant's the Clown costume for Peter. It was fun, and there was plenty to do. Now they currently have a month long event to unlock Cleveland and figure out the answers to a mystery. The first part of that ends tomorrow when a mysterious pyramid that appeared in the town will open and we will find out what is inside. If you want to get started in the game, now is a good time, before the event ends.

However, in the timed events, you really need to play a LOT to unlock the characters. It'd take well over 100 hours to unlock Cleveland, and you only have a month to do it. This is really negative, and puts a lot of pressure on the player to accomplish this before the time is up. 

All in all I love this game. I can't get enough of it. It's fresh and exciting. There is a lot they still need to add to keep peoples attentions, but they are working incredibly hard on it. I think that deserves a little bit of patience, and some community interaction. If you want something to change in the game, tell them. The only place where it loses score is simply the fact that they expect way too much from you to unlock characters in the timed events. 

Overall Score: 9/10

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