Dishonored: Brigmore Witches


This DLC marks the final chapter of the Dishonored story. I was worried about it, because Bethesda really set the bar so high with Dishonored, I couldn't imagine a DLC that was as good as the game. I figured it would just be extra stuff they left out of the game and it was just padding, of sorts. Thankfully, this was not the case.

This DLC is a direct continuation of The Knife of Dunwall DLC. You continue your game as Daud, the ultimate assassin. If you’ve completed previous DLC you’re given the option to continue your save including all powers, upgrades, coin and equipment. It should go without saying, but, if you haven't played the DLC yet, start with The Knife of Dunwall, as it is the first part of this DLC. 

Daud probably my favourite character in the game, simply because of the DLC. It's such a fascinating twist to play a game as the villain. Not just play as him, but watch him struggle with his actions, and watch him emotionally deal with the murder of the empress, and kidnapping of Lady Emily.

This DLC is unique. The game is about Corvo, and his path to finding Emily, and seeking out revenge on Daud. I played a low-chaos playthrough, simply because that's my style. I prefer to sneak around. I didn't kill Daud when I confronted him in the game. This DLC makes sure that I do not regret that decision one bit. Something you don't really see in a story is how this all impacted the person responsible. In other games, Daud would be simply branded the villain, and that's that. Thanks to The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches, you get to see the complete other side of the coin. 

For those who don't know, the story takes place at the same time as the single player. You often overhear conversations about things the "masked man" has done, which is actually stuff you did during your main story run. This may seem like such a simple concept, but it fascinates me. I always have an emotional soft spot for the villain of the story. It's nice to learn more about him, and see how he deals with the consequences of his actions, emotionally and beyond.

You get a new power in this DLC. It's called Pull and, as the name suggests, it allows Daud to pull inanimate objects towards him. You can still purchase Favours before the start of a quest, just like previous DLC. There are also corrupt bone charms, which I won't go in to too much detail about. They're the same as normal charms, they just come with a price. There are also new enemies in the form of the witches themselves as well as hounds, which can be pain if you're on a low chaos run. Just for those who don't know, the main game and DLC are both driven by chaos. If you kill a lot of people, the game gets darker and people hate you. If you play the game by sneaking through and not killing anybody, the game has a happier ending. You can complete the game and DLC without killing a single person, there is always an alternative.

This DLC was near perfect to play. I don't want to go in to the story a lot, because everything could be a potential spoiler, and I know how angry you get at spoilers, internet. But, I will say this, the story concludes nicely. There are twists and turns in this DLC that I did not expect, and it expanded on what I already knew about the game. I'm going to play through the main game again with all the new information, just so I can see it while knowing absolutely everything I can. 


I did have an issue rather early in the game, which I feel like I should discuss. There is a part of the game that is a slight puzzle, where you need to find out a number and then use a machine to open that specific number. However, I hit a snag. The texture on the machine was so bad, that it did not display any numbers. I had my graphics on full, and my settings set to their highest, but I saw nothing. I had to do it with guess work, but that's ok. It wasn't so difficult. It was just a pain to lose my immersion to try and google solutions (to no avail) and have to do some heavy guess work at how this thing was positioned. Once you get it, it is no problem, but figuring it out can be tricky.

Besides that graphical snafu, the game was great. The DLC was an amazing ride. Possible just as good as the main game. This comes as a high compliment, as the main game is one of the best games I have ever played. I am sad to see there will be no more DLC, but all stories must come to an end, I'm just glad Bethesda honoured the game so well in the DLC. Some gaming companies just release content that should be included in the original game, which makes me unhappy to pay for it. This DLC was not one of those situations. Bethesda really went above and beyond to respect the story, style and gameplay in this DLC, but still made it feel like a game on its own. This is absolutely one to get (two if you include part 1). 

Overall Rating: 10/10