Call of Duty: Heroes Review


Activision's take on the free-to-play base-building strategy game has finally landed. It is most commonly described as Call of Duty meets Clash of Clans, COS: Heroes focuses on constructing and customizing a fully operational military base with defenses, barracks and vehicle depots, and resource-generating buildings, along with attacking and defending bases.

Spending that generated oil and gold allows for the fielding of troops and armored vehicles in a bid to conquer opponents' bases for experience and resources.

In terms of defence, you build up turrets and mortars to defend your buildings and resources. You can upgrade defences and buildings to make them better and stronger, making your chances of survival better. 


In offense, you simply figure out where to drop your units to do the most damage and watch them do their thing. The game somewhat lives up to its name by including Heroes, who are significant characters from throughout Call of Duty franchise history. Not only can you direct your Heroes exactly where to go during combat, they also have special abilities that you can call upon to swing the tide of a losing battle. They come with their own attacks and some abilities, to help you win in those tight binds. 

The game itself works fine, but pushes premium currency on you a lot. There are also several bugs and the pacing seems quite slow. The whole process seems kind of like you're just grinding for the sake of it.

Call of Duty: Heroes add much to the genre of quick strategy. Although it may appear with Clash of Clans or Boom Beach, there are characters with great attack power, many units air strike and more frantic combat. If you like that sort of game, it's probably going to be great for you, once you get further in to it. In general it just feels like a pebble in a pond filled with a lot of the same pebbles. In my opinion, I could get the same fix from less buggy games. 

Overall Rating: 4/10