ARMA 2: DayZ Review

When I got Arma 2 I was immediately brought back to a world of nostalgia. The graphics and style were clearly from the original Arma game. The choice of weapons and vehicles were added to a gigantic map with many missions, game modes, and even the mission editor, to make the game so much more dynamic as you have the ability to recreate almost anything you can think of. For years my friend and I have been making dramatic beach landings, unrealistic helicopter raids and pure chaos scenarios.

When I heard some genius has created a zombie survival mod for one of my most loved games, I immediately went and downloaded it. For those who don’t know how to install it please check our guide here.

Since there is no in game guide, my first life was spent walking around oblivious to the perils I was about to get into. I quickly learned my mistake as I ran into a village and was immediately jumped by several zombies. Realizing I know nothing about how to survive in DayZ, I looked for an online guide. After several minutes I believed I learned the basics and went for round 2.

My second life went well as I found food, water and even some ammo, but no weapons. That was until I came across another human player, who decided it was a perfect time to shoot me and steal my loot. This pissed me off and I cursed him for ruining yet another of my lives, then I realised that this was a survival horror game where not only the zombies but the environment and other players were something to be weary of too. 

My third life now and I am armed with even more fear and mistrust for humans. I was more careful in areas that I believed other players would be. I found a hatchet, and the last of my courage, and ventured out to find better weapons and loot. Unfortunately I got greedy and attacked too many zombies at once and I paid the price with yet another life.

The game is fantastic and extremely well done, with a few minor glitches. I wasn’t expecting much as the game is in the alpha stage but I was greatly surprised at the detail of every town, the greatly dispersed loot spots and even the variety of the loot. The game is enhanced with the fear of death and the ability to carry a limited amount of loot, not to mention the constant struggles to regroup with your friends in order to have a raiding party only for one member to break a leg with no one around to repair him. The decision to kill him and take the loot or protect him till you can heal him is a tough, yet enjoyable decision. 

Overall Rating: 9/10

- James Monaghan