Ubisofts's E3 Conference: Our Live-tweet Recap

Ok, so. Apparently Ubisoft know axl rose. Finally they're here. Some dancers. False hope that Maroon 5 or Will Smith were there. Flo Rida Showed up. He is clearly not miming as he is SO LOUD! Ubisoft know how how to make an entrance.. dancers, Flo Rida and some made strobe lights. Aisha Tyler is hosting this? Right on. This is actually crazy. Ubisoft have the best entrance so far! Tobuscus is the co-host. This is awesome! Ubisoft FTW!! Life. Power. Play. 

"We're a little bit gay, all of us" - Aisha Tyler

Far Cry 3 is up first. well. Second. Dance was first but that was kinda crazy. Sexual Content levels are through the roof at this. Can you actually stream that? Ok so. There was some sex happening between a native and your character, now he's up and commanding the giant group to fight. Awesome knife kill and now he's using a bow and arrow. Popular weapon this year! Tomb Raider, Crysis 3 and now this! Now there's some broken tv's and videos and fire and this game is INSANE. Reminds me of Crysis and Call of Duty. Kicked a body at a car, pulled the pin of a grenade in that moment and killed anyone around the car. Amazing. Best knife kills I've ever seen. They look amazing. He got knifed. Still looks a lot like Call of Duty. Far Cry 3 looks INCREDIBLE! Ubisoft are winning this year! LOVE IT! Far Cry 3 will be free roam. 4 Islands to discover. "BTW Now I wanna get a tiger, use it as a weapon and shoot it" - Aisha Tyler 

Splinter Cell: Blacklist release trailer is on. KJBcast is going bankrupt next year from all these titles. Holy. Crap. Fourth Echlon?

Lets count how many times I get Girl-wood during this show. So far I'm on two. - Aisha Tyler

Wolverine is fighting venom. Magnito is fighting spiderman. Storm is there too. The Avengers battle for earth. Yes. Avengers looks amazing. Excited for that. Now they're discussing the WiiU. 

WiiU demo is on? Crazy. Thought they'd save that for Nintendo. they're showing the new Rayman: Legends. It's the early WiiU development kit. Not the final version. It looks awesome. They're controlling a player with the controller and still controlling Rayman as normal. Two characters, one controller. On WiiU you will be able to play with up to 5 players! That's badass. Not on one controller though, don't get confused! Controlling the environment by tilting the controller, that's rad. THEY ARE SHOWING OFF THE SOUND AND IT IS SO LOUD!! It looks like all your normal Rayman fun but with 1,000 watts of awesome pumped in there.

Next WiiU exclusive is a survival horror. God save the queen came on and the video is amazing. We'll post a link. Best trailer ever! I can't put in to words how awesome this video is. We WILL be publishing this trailer to the website asap. It is called ZombieU. That was AWESOME! 

WiiU trailer just came on. Looks good!

Assassins Creed III is up next. Oh yes. He pushed the assassin. Not wise. The trailer looks amazing! looks intense! Can't wait for this game. If this were a movie, we'd watch it. We're watching the assassin basically destroy the redcoats. Not historically accurate. What. The. Hell. That looked amazing! Lots of history and such. Sounds pretty awesome. They'll probably demo the WiiU on this again. Gameplay looks amazing. No footprints in the snow. Automatically hate that. Deer hunting. Nice. Very Red Dead Redemption. Talking is great. Very in sync. Good graphics. Gameplay is great. Moving through trees is very swift and nice. Fighting style has greatly improved. The Axe looks awesome. Overall fighting is very fluid. Infiltrating a fort. Looks great. Everything looks as you'd imagine, and in some places it looks better. It looks to be the best AC so far. Fighting 100s of troops by yourself, Speared the target with your rifle. The world still falls apart upon main kill. The templars will be the main enemy (of course) with added bears and random encounters. There are insane terrains! Snow, Mountain, town, Lake, Forest and River to name a few.

The hosts are gonna have a shoot mania showdown. Male team won 3-1.

Ok now watching the hosts is just getting awkward

Recapping Ubisoft's achievements at the moment. Whilst impressive, not worth the tweet space

watching… something… Trailer. Someone released a virus, north america shut down, 11 people died. Computer controls the city, who controls computer? This trailer is cool. Seems a lot like Eagle Eye though. Looks good. Now there's a huge scanner going across the Ubisoft Con. Watching gameplay. Seems a little weird. The person talking sounds like Rorschach from Watchmen. Shady character walking around. Lots of pop ups and random things to hack. It seems quite interesting. You can jam communications and block traffic lights and so forth. I think stop trains and other stuff too. This looks good. Kinda like Deus Ex now. Graphics are great. Attention to detail is awesome. Much credit. Still not sure what this game is called. Wow this game looks amazing. Not sure what to say about it other than it looks fantastic. I hope this game is free roam. It just switched to Multiplayer I think. Looks great. It's called Watch Dogs. Looks fantastic. That seems to be it! Awesome! See you in 2 hours for Sony's live stream.