Sony's E3 Conference: Our Live-tweet Recap

So, someone's eating a playstation move controller on stage. This should be a good'n! Here we go. On time! None of this Ubisoft business. Sony trying to appeal to a youth market. Dubstep. God of war clip. Nice. Uncharted. Their intro is so long. Sony, stop being a tease. Nobody likes a tease. I guess Ceelo must be there. His voice got so loud all of a sudden. Jeeze. About time Sony. Jack Tretton wants to soak people in. Head of sony is there. Wow. Front row centre. "I love you, man".

Heavy Rain creators are about to announce something. Kora was awesome. Nice to see it again. They're announcing a new project called "Beyond". What will happen after we die? What's on the other side? This is beyond. Game spreads over 15 years. They are unveiling an element today. The actress that is playing Jodie Holmes is Ellen Paige. Jodie Holmes is the name of the character, btw. Graphics are intense, as to be expected by these guys. Ellen looks fantastic. The detail is incredible! Steam coming out of the coffee. The detail is incredible! This is breathtaking. She tossed the coffee across the room. Nice. This looks like it's going to be awesome. I cannot wait for this. swat busted in. Clearing out the room. Cop stood back. Swat moving in. Cop opening door to Jodie. Nothing happened. Now there are flashes from the game. Buildings ring torn apart. Cars. jumping from trains. Explosion. She looks amazing! the detail! wow. This may have won E3! 

They just announced playstation all stars battle royal. It has so many huge characters. Jeeze that looks impressive. 6 members of the All Stars dev team walked out on stage. They're putting it on PSVita. Cross Compatible with PS3. 2 playing on PS3 and 2 playing on PSVita. All playing one game. They're having a 3 min match. Typical fighter but it looks like a lot of fun! unveiling 2 new characters for the game just for E3. Uncharted guy and a Big Daddy!!! WHAT!!! All stars will also cross-save. You can save on PSVita and continue on PS3. Nice. Cross-controller DLC coming for LIttle Planet 2. Nathan Drake = Uncharted Guy. I forgot his name in my excitement of the Big Daddy. My bad! 

Playstation Plus will be amplified.this month they will download 12 new games (inc. Infamous 2, Saints Row 2 and Little Big Planet 2). He gave the entire conference a 1 year voucher for PSPlus. Want. Tomb Raider will be on PSVita? Did I hear that right? There goes a LOT of the budget on a PSVita.  

Hulu+ and Crackle are coming to PSVita. 

Call of Duty: Declassified will be coming to PSVita. We discussed this in the podcast a little bit.

OHHHHHH nice! Assassin's Creed is coming to PSVita. Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation will be coming to PSVita and feature a female assassin. Link it to your PS3 and get huge upgrades. PSVita Bundle. Crystal White Vita, 4GB Memcard and ACIII: Liberation. Wow. Assassin's Creed 3 will take place on land AND SEA. New weather system that can change at any moment. You are captain of a ship. Awesome Telescope. You can drive the giant ship! Full control of Navigation and Cannons. Graphics are nice. Waves are awesome. Firing the cannons looks like you're firing a huge mini gun but still. That's awesome! getting sea sick just watching this! It is SO impressive to see! Ship on fire. Nice. The detail is awesome. Boarding the ship looks so cool. Assassin's Creed/Gladiator pose to finish off the sequence. Looks awesome. So impressive. ACIII will launch day1 with a hardware bundle. PS3 and ACIII. Far cry 3 news next.

They build 2 far cry's. 4 player co-op! They said it was a secret but this was leaked a few weeks ago. Still fantastic news though! I meant built not build. Thanks, twitter. they're orchestrating attack plans and picking their targets. Nice. It looks awesome. Must be weird playing standing up. You can see your allies through walls. Guns are very much so call of duty based. Everyone is shouting commands, very annoying. Huge single player. 4 player co-op campaign. Competative modes. Map editor included.

Moving on to Playstation Move. Says it offered to most diverse gaming. Kinect did that too, though. Bioshock will be on Move. Showing a trailer for move. Looks good. Bringing a book to life. cool concept. Makes reading more fun. Not that it's not fun now. It'll be called wonder book. Literally brings stories to life. Moonbot studios are working on Wonder Book. Nice. They'll do a great job! I knew J. K. Rowling would be involved. Wonder Book: Book of Spells. Awesome. It'll interact with Pottermore. J.K's website. Demo is on now! Looks fancy. I think this'll be good. This is such a kids thing but it does look SO fascinating. Good job, sony. So it's based in Hogwarts and the Potter-verse. Original. Sarcasm! Still, it'll be good. Told a joke about the fire spell and emergency exits. No laughs. Awkward. "make a sharp zig zag" *makes a curvy zig zag* this better be followed by Hitman or Bioshock.

Ok so here we go with the ability to connect to phones and tablets. We saw something similar from Microsoft earlier today. HTC will be a group partner of Sony Playstation.

Moving along. GOD OF WAR?! Yes. It's god of war! Can't wait for this. God of War live demo. Looks and feels like god of war already. Goat man looks pissed. Gameplay is quite similar. I was expecting something different since this was to be a prequel but there is still time! Finishing moves look rad. More ships. And a Kraken I think! Can only see tentacles so far. Telekinetic powers. Those definitely couldn't be pre god of war 1! the tentacles return. This is very exciting. Graphics are awesome. Detail is great. Combat seems smoother. Enemies seem tougher, too. Elephant demon. That's new. Never seen that before. Not sure I want to see it again. I will have nightmares of that thing. March 12th 2013 - God of War Ascension. 

Room went dark. Sounds of wildlife kicked in. Not sure what is happening. Ohh nice. It's Last of Us. This seems good but I'm never fond of companion modes. gameplay is mind-blowing. Slamming heads off walls, hand to hand combat and general fighting. Good. Dialogue is awesome. Wow, gun to the head. Looks so real. This whole game is impressive. Detail is awesome. WOW that looks insane!! Didn't get any Hitman news. That makes me sad! Hopefully over the next few days some shall come out!