Nintendo's E3 Conference: Our Live-tweet Recap

Such a typical nintendo intro. Looks great. Happy to see Miyamoto up and about! Haha they're popping little CGI characters around the crowd. Bill Trinin popped out in the strangest way. Already discussing the WiiU. Dedicated personal screen. WiiU looks really slick in Black. I hope they keep it black. 

Pikmin 3 is coming out. Those are also what they have been CGIing on the crowd. So you can see the movements of the Picmin and the Map at the same time using the WiiU. Introducing Rock Picmin. They can be used to break targets. You can aim with the WiiU. I fear these Picmin escaping through the WiiU. They could rule the world with their face paced formations and synchronisation. You can throw leaders. Have 4 leaders in one game and help coordinate plans. Pikmin. Sorry. They're little scary things. It's taking all my restraint to not say Pacman all the time. "Maybe you'll start to see Pikmin all around you too" Yeah, that's the fear. 

Reggie Fils-Aime hit the stage. Wow. 23 WiiU titles hitting the stage today. WiiU does 3 things. Changes Gaming. Changes how you work with friends and such. Changes Friends. also getting netflix, hulu, youtube and amazon. They are focusing on the games and gaming but not the WiiU and they'll show you the WiiU later in the future. they're talking about Showing off Nintendo Direct, now. Discussing social aspects. Targeting the youth market.

the WiiU hardware will support 2 separate gamepads. Good to know! Works with finger or Stylus. Typical control layout. Left and right analogue. A B X Y buttons. ZL ZR buttons (shoulder buttons). Infrared receiver. Gyroscope and rumble (vibrate). Inbuilt camera, stereo speakers. Vol control and inbuilt jack for headphones. Discussing some sort of Main Street like system where you can see people. Kind of like social on Xbox but everyones just there. You can draw pictures and screen shots and such that can go to your "Me-Verse". You can also display emoticons. 

Going to bring out an old friend. I assume its mario. Yup, it's mario. Real time social integration to MarioU. Showing off Mario. So excited. Looks like the old school Mario with a new twist! You can put the mario from your TV to your remote. You can also place blocks from the remote, or someone else can at least. 

Batman: Arkham City just popped up as a third party WiiU game. It's Harley Quinn! She introduced Martin Timblay. That was awesome! Trembley* stupid autocorrect. Batman Arkham City Armoured Edition is being unveiled for WiiU. BM:AC Armoured Edition specs coming up. B.A.T mode. Every hit he does will allow him to build more power. WiiU remote can activate it and he will be stronger. Remote baterang will work through the WiiU. Gamepad lets you trigger explosives one at a time or all together whenever you want and swap weapons through the controller.

Scribblenauts is up. Everyone has hard to spell names today. Scribblenauts: Unlimited is being announced. 

WiiU reveal trailer for a a few games all at once is up now. Darksiders II. Mass Effect 3. Fuck yes. TANK! TANK! TANK! and Tekken Tag 2. Trine 2, Ninja Gaiden 3 and Aliens: Colonial Marines.

WiiU will help fitness? yeah. By weighing so much. It'll make your wallet weigh less though.WiiFitU is up. I feel like I'm watching an apple commercial. It's apparently built to work with WiiU. It's a little weird. She's jumping and it's showing it on the WiiU and Tv. And telling the Calories burned. Games look somewhat fun though. You can upload your other nintendo sports tracker details to it. That is pretty cool. I like when everything works together.  

Music is up now. WiiU Sing (Working Title). Not original in any way. The WiiU displays the lyrics. Still has a mic. Dance along. Caution: This game will turn you into a 14 year old girl.  

Now there is some 3DS news. Live tomorrow at 6pm PST will be a 3DS show. Webcast will be live. We will link you on Super Mario has become a gold digger. Dude is obsessed with coin now. August 19th release for Mario on the 3DS. 

Paper Mario is up now. They're including stickers. Shoe sticker = stomp. Find hidden items and stuff. Gives you powers.

Luigi? Yup. They're doing another Luigi game. It'll be out this holiday season. Again for 3DS. Castlevania: lords of shadow, Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion. Scribblenauts: Unlimited and Kingdom Hearts 3D are all coming to 3DS. 

Open world Lego City game coming to WiiU game. Looks like Lego GTA. Use the Gamepad to scan the tv for enemies. Matrix references. Nice. Super Mario reference too. Awesome! Lego City also coming to 3DS 

Praise to Ubisoft. Excited to see this. ZombieU and Rayman Ledgend. WiiU integration obviously. Ubisoft's Yves loves it. Thanks WiiU. Just Dance 4 is up now. He's controlling the dance moves. Shufflin' and random Cheerleader moves. The dances are gonna be in some shape after this. ZombieU is up now. I love the look of this game. Using the WiiU as a sniper score. That is rad. Hacking and defence too. It's pretty cool. Zombie integration isn't the best. But it's a fun idea. 

A small trailer showing the titles that are coming to WiiU. We tweeted this list yesterday during one of our live tweets.

Made the stage look like a Nintendo game. Keep saying "Nintendo Land". Wow. Katsuya Eguchi hit the stage. Living legend of Nintendo. Really pushing the "Me" thing this year. Nintendo Land is a single game that brings together 12 attractions. Legend of Zelda and Luigi's Ghost Mansion will be included. talking about their pride for WiiU a lot today. It's nice to see they believe so fully in it! It's really the main piece of hardware this year. 

doing a live demo of Ghost Mansion. That's pretty cool. I like how the translator also flipped around when Eguchi mimed it. Gamepad will have show the map with all the characters. Main screen won't show ghosts so you need WiiU to show you the ghost. The remote will rumble when a ghost is near. A lot of cooperation is needed. Ghost can kill humans too. Players can revive the knocked out player by shining a light on him. The ghost will try get you while you're reviving your friend. Douche move, ghost.

Trailer on for Nintendo Land. Right on. It looks so bright and colourful. It is a nice layout and there is a lot of detail. Not for hardcore call of duty fans or anything but this is looking like a nice little game. Certainly kid friendly.

WiiU will launch alongside Nintendo Land. That's pretty cool. This holiday season is gonna be expensive. The live stream will end and Nintendo Land, WiiFitU, Batman Armoured Edition and ZombieU will be on afterwards. Trying to take the distraction of personal devices by releasing a personal device. Right on.

"Together. Better." is their tagline for WiiU. Nice. Ok well that's the end! Thanks for joining me, folks!