Microsoft's E3 Conference: Our Live-tweet Recap

In case you want to go over all out info again, here it is! Including the last part that twitter blocked due to over tweeting.



We're about to live tweet the Microsoft live stream. Only the main parts so as not to drive y'all crazy ;) 

Here we gooooo

@fourzerotwo and @majornelson are hosting the xbox live Microsoft Livestream

Black Ops 2 trailer at the moment. Hoping for some awesome BO2 announcements today @fourzerotwo talking about BO2, that's awesome! Both himself and @majornelson seem excited.

Recap of E3 is actually awesome. Forgot how exciting all of these announcements were! Good way to get things pumping

5 minutes until they hit the stage! Y'all ready for this?

Our halo 4 correspondent @Newmanater will tell you all about the E3 announcements on our next podcast! 

It's starting. Everyone seems really excited. WE are really excited. Are YOU excited?

Halo 4 real time video? Wow this is really impressive. We'll be discussing this for sure. It looks insane. I know it just started but I think Halo 4 wins E3. This. Looks. Amazing. Gameplay graphics look amazing. No lens flare yet but there is still time. Jackals and Grunts will be coming back! What happened to him?? This looks incredible. Very Exciting. New enemies. Sounds are incredible. If you don't own turtle beaches then I suggest getting them before Halo 4 is out. That new weapon looks incredible. Graphics are insane and the enemies look intense. This is going to be Legendary. Halo 4. HALO 4. HALO 4!!! 

Xbox promised last year that they would go from No.1 in north America to No.1 globally. They did it! Xbox is integrating more to Phones, Pc and Tablets this year. Interesting.

Black Ops 2 seems to be up now. I was wrong, it is Splinter Cell: Black List and it looks INTESE! New targeting mode. You can target more than one person at a time. New super sense mode. Kind of like in Batman. You can see through walls. Not sure why, but cool! New slow motion targeting and it seems to be integrating quick play buttons to do killing in motion. Again kind of like Batman. It's amazing detail to graphics and awesome to see Sam in action again. It is Kinect enabled. He shouted "Hey.. YOU!" and the enemy heard him. The enemy in-game of course. They are very fond of slow motion moves in this. There is a targeting mode to target more than one person at a time. It's more fast paced than the other games and a lot more violent but it looks fantastic. He shouted "Grimm NOW!!" in real life and the Kinect recognised it. Called in an Air Strike. Badass. Still has the camera under the door trick. Nice. Awesome headshot FMV. Can't wait to see this. Some soft of Tony Stark hologram screen popped up behind sam. Weird. Splinter Cell: Blacklist will have Co-op and VS multiplayer. Nice. Spy vs. Mercs is back in Splinter Cell. Awesome! 

Fifa 13 is up now. Interested to see how this goes! There will be Kinect voice commands. You can sub without a menu, that's kinda awesome! Ref feedback will keep track of how you react to the Ref's decision! The commentator talked about his poor choice of words. Nice way to keep a player calm! 

Moving on to Madden. Joe Montana is now playing. Right on! He said "flip run" and they did it. Awesome!! He's calling individual players and it's working. Montana said "this is actually pretty sweet". Joe Montana is having a blast with this! 

Moving on to Fable I think! Live action trailer, looks awesome! Seems to also have Kinect. "Beware the Magic". Good advice. Phil Spencer talking about Fable. "Only the best games are on xbox" hmm.. He dropped some names. Cool cool. Moving on already?

Gears of War trailer. World Premiere. So much fire and random music. Seems cool! Coming 2013!

Forza trailer now. Wow, pushing on fast! Graphics are INCREDIBLE. Looks almost like real life! Background detail is pretty slick. It looks awesome. Night time mode. Went from some indie music to dub step. Way to combine it. Great track. Flip lights look great. Helicopter overhead. Cars look really amazing. Oct 23rd 2012 release date.

Yusuf Mehdi hit the stage. This fall will have a genre mode. Kinect anyway. "Bing comedies" seems to actually work. That is really cool! Bing voice search hitting 12 new countries and loads of languages. Nice. Mexican xbox looks great. He's speaking another language and it is actually responding nice and fast. Now he's discussing brands. HBOGO Xfinity BBC and more. They will double the entertainment available this year. They're bringing Nickelodeon, Paramount Movies, Machinima and Uvideos to Xbox. Sweeeeeet! 

Sports time for xbox! They're integrating NBA, NHL and ESPN will have 24/7 programs on the Xbox. ESPN1 ESPN2 ESPN3 and ESPNu. Wow. That's a lot of ESPN. Sports trailer is on now. It looks great. Xbox, Phones, Up to date team info, Split Screen Action. All Kinect Ready! 

Music on the Xbox now! They are launching "Xbox: Music" with over 30,000,000 tracks. It is for xbox, phones and tablets. Music trailer is on now. It looks great! LMFAO keep sneaking into these videos. "Music is more amazing with Xbox". 

Fitness is up now. Wow that is amazing. It has a new training helper. The Kinect tracks you and your heartbeat and gives you a timer to help you keep track of what you do. Nike representative is up now. "You can't improve what you can't measure" nice line, bro. They seem to be integrating Nike+ to the xbox. They are integrating Nike+ to Kinect. They're helping you do training methods and give real time feedback. They will helpfully give you some Nike Fuel and remind you on your phone when you haven't worked out for a while! Nike+ Connect Training. Mouthful! Trailer is on now. It keeps you keep track of everything. Helps you compete against your friends. Graphics are not the best. You can compete against real athletes. 

Smart devices are up now. Xbox Smartglass announcement now. It'll work with iPhone, iPad and Android and any smartphone or tablet. He watched Sherlock Holms on the plane. Good taste. He is sending video from his iPad to his Xbox. While his iPad runs the movie on the tv he is reading the description of the movie on his iPad. Now he's watching Game of Thrones. From his iPad to the Xbox and it saves the information. That is fantastic. No interruptions either. And now he's watching game of thrones and the tablet is showing the map of their world so you can follow. SmartGlass is so impressive! SmartGlass trailer on now. Lets you pick sports layouts in football and american football. Picking sports strategies and watching the xbox do it's thing while the iPad shows the layout. Halo 4 is up now with smart glass and it is showing waypoint data on his iPad while he plays. Weapon tech and game saves and the various players. He is in multiplayer and it shows information on his iPad while playing xbox. Phone now works as a remote too. He is touching his phone and the xbox is responding. They're unveiling their new web browser on the xbox now. 

Internet Explorer is coming to xbox this year! Shouted "web hub" to his kinect. I see bookmarks. Lonely Planet and Prometeus and and Reddit. Wow this looks great. They seem to be using an awesome HD version of Internet Xplorer and watching Prometeus trailer. So it's kinect ready obviously since he's shouting things to it. He's using his phone as a mouse too. That's awesome. Pinch and Zoom on your phone and it'll work on the browser on the xbox. Who needs a laptop anymore? SmartGlass recap. Watch tv and get more content on smart device. Better gameplay integration. Everything will work together. Nice. They're releasing Xbox on windows 8 tablets and devices. Smartglass will also be on windows 8.

Crystal Dynamics are up! Tomb Raider is up now. Live playing it now. Lara using a bow and arrow for stealth kills. Triggering traps and jumping like crazy. Seems like Prince of Persia meets Tomb Raider meets God of War style gameplay. Lots of zip lining and breakable surroundings. She set fire to an arrow and blew up and oil tank. That was rad. AI seems to be more aware and capable. There is a destructible surrounding feel to it. Remanicent of Bulletstorm. Water graphics are awesome. Call of Duty camera style for the mini sequences. All shaky and action packed. There is glass cracking where she landed and she grabbed a parachute. Looked fantastic. First DLC for Tomb Raider is xbox exclusive #TombRaider #E32012

Video for ascend new gods seems good. Action packed. Monsters, giants, Graphics aren't as amazing as would be expected but it looks good. A lot like god of war. Coming 2013 

moving on to some sort of assassin bike or something. LocoCycle. Looks good. 2013

Seems kind of like portal. "Matter" Kinect ready.. 2013.

Capcom are up! Resident Evil seems to be on. Graphics are good. A lot of drop and roll action. Cool Knife sequence. zombies wielding flames. That's new. Leon used an explosive and got them all. Nice shot. There are action sequences. Hit R2 and L2 to decapitate. Action Horror at it's finest. Still not paying 1,000 dollars for it, though. He's not even wearing the jacket! a plane came down on top of them and now they are outrunning the explosion caused by it hitting a fuel tank. They're running to a helicopter. Jumping over trucks. They made it but I think that soldier died. Zombie fell from the Helicopter. There is an FMV of the helicopter going down now. You have to pilot the helicopter. The pilot is a zombie. Now you have to shoot and fly. He is not great at flying. He hit the side of a train. Sequence seems quite cool! No real person would survive this though. Also landed on glass. Running theme. Landed in an arena full of zombies. "Not my lucky day"

Wreckateer. Kinect game. Using a Kinect slingshot. Seems very much so aimed at children. Release this summer.

South Park game! Looks awesome! It sounds like skyrim and it is basically south part under destruction. It is south park quality graphics. I hope gameplay looks like that too and it's not FMV. Looks fantastic. You make your own character. You basically work your way through the entire history of south part. South Park: The Stick of Truth. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are here! Nice! They're talking about it! Their talk is amazing. They love the demo. It looks like it did in the show! That's great news. They actually mapped out south park. Hopefully it's free roam a little! You're trying to become the 5th member of the main cast. 

Harmonix are up. They're playing "do the hustle" and now "teach me how to dougie" and now "oh my god". Usher worked with them to make Dance Central to make the new moves. They're showing off the moves live. Usher is doing it! Nice. 

Black ops 2 is up. Exciting. Gameplay is up. Looks great. Graphics are awesome. Typical call of duty stuff. Looks great but it's a lot of things exploding around you and fast movements. Michael Bay have anything to do with this? Ok so now they're playing. Graphics look great. The future looks pretty similar. Using some sort of anti-drone rockets. Looks awesome. Staring at some huge stealth ship. Looks nice. Looks exactly like any other call of duty, though. They seemed to skip part of the game "In the interest of time". Wonder if he is really playing that? Flying a ship now. Seems kind of cool. Still not sure he's really playing.