EA's E3 Conference: Our Live-tweet Recap

and we're off with the @EA Conference. 10 developers/10 games and the evolution of games.



Dead space. Drop in/Drop out co-op. Live co-op demo going on. They've got a dialogue going between the two characters as they try stop a giant drill that seems to be trying to destroy them. "jesus.. i really thought that was it" *laughing* "yeah.. fuck this planet". more swearing and a giant alien that seems hellbent on destruction. Graphics are powerful and the gameplay seems smoother. They got eaten but an FMV started. I assume it was on purpose. Fighting for survival in some sort of awesomely detailed throat. "those guys aren't getting out the way they got in" classic line. Dead Space will be out 2013! 

Seems like NFL now or something! This NFL trailer is fantastic. It's a speech with some awesome background scenes from the game. Powered by the infinity engine. Everything is more intense and realistic. Madden NFL gameplay looks so good! It seems a bit bugged but I assume that will be dealt with before release, regain balance after contact and fight for a few more yards. You never lose control. Every play counts even more now. Special Guest: Micheal Irvin is on. Hero. He is build like a brick wall. He's explaining his methods of climbing a mountain and staying there. be a player/coach and use XP to upgrade characters. You can retire and start over without resetting league virtual twitter feed. Awesome line by Irvin re: news at 11. Irvin: You know you got the coolest job in the world, right?

Maxis is up now. SimCity news! SimCity Social is coming to Facebook. Plan on being number one game on FB. Very focused on Farmville in their trailer. Seems unusual. New PC version of Sim City and has a new engine. Promises to be best experience ever. Wow it actually looks really impressive. A little buggy when cars swap lanes. Building looks great. Seems pretty big. It will be multiplayer. You can play with friends or take on cities yourself. Everything u do will effect other cities too. Another trailer for SimCity up now. Looks good. Looks impressive. Most of this we just saw in the last trailer.

thankfully he moved the mic away from his face. That was irritating.

Battlefield 3 is up right now. Peter Moore and Patrick Bach are up. 1.6trillion bullets fired. 15 million players worldwide. Dice promise next step in consoles. This is about the premium we discussed in the podcast. Anyone interested? There is an insane amount of content available in that premium. Playstation get their premium content now and xbox/pc get it next week. Douche move.

Star wars theme kicked in. Awesome. Discussing Old republic. Promising new modes, harder gameplay, more companions and a new planet. Old Republic will be F2P up to Lvl15. 

Right on. Medal of Honour is up now! It will be tied to real events in time .They're playing a demo now. Looks awesome. Typical fighting game but the graphics are awesome. Looks great. Gameplay looks awesome. Typical fighter but a little more crisp. If you like these types of war games, you will love this. Annoying background noise at E3 this year. They sent in a bot to look around. Looks great! Using the bot to kill. Nice. October 23rd release date. Linkin Park doing the song for the trailer.

EA Sports up now. F2P social game. Play it on Facebook or on your phone. If you aren't done on Facebook you can continue it on your phone. FIFA is a social network now. Discussing the heartbeat of FIFA. FIFA 13 is taking a leap. 4 announcements. All FIFA 12 coming back will carry over stats to FIFA 13. Special bonus in the catalogue. FIFA on iPad, iPhone and soon Android will be connected. They will also release an iPhone app to back up the game. World premiere trailer for FIFA 13. It will be their best one yet.

Moving on to UFC. Twist move. Dana White showed up. (President of UFC)

OH shiney. A car game is up. Need for speed perhaps? Need for Speed: Most Wanted. I can't wait. Open world with competitive mode. Multiplayer integration improved. Ranks everything you do. Gives you speed points. live demo for need for speed is up. Looks great. Seems to have a better interface and layout with an awesome design. Graphics rock. They used a LOT of features from Burnout in this. Oct 30th release. Looks good. Can't wait!

Crytek are up. Crysis 3!! 7 areas (the 7 wonders) Canyons, swamps, rivers. "Urban Rainforest". Crysis 3 demo is on. Looks incredible. We all played the Crysis games and loved them. That new engine of theirs is phenomenal. Just took down a chopper with a bow and arrow. Inpressive. Swimming looks great too. ignore spelling errors. Hard to type and watch and drool at the same time. Feb 2013 release date.

Well, that's that. See you in 20 minutes for Ubisoft! Oh bitch move playing No Doubt as their exit song after all this legal crap!