Amazing Spider-Man

I’m going to start off by saying that I am a huge fan of Spider-man and the Spider-man franchise, so my expectations were very high. When I heard this game was being compared to Spiderman 2, my heart jumped in anticipation. I tried to remain sceptical by thinking of all the games that have come in between then and now, which have all failed to make me feel like the true web-swinging superhero of New York. 

I am delighted to say that within the first 5 hours of game play, I was extremely happy with this game. The developers, Beenox, have managed to bring back everything that I loved from Spiderman 2 and improved on nearly everything, as a whole. Straight off, the game introduces you to the storyline. The Lizard’s experiments have lead to an outbreak of a deadly super virus, which is infecting the citizens of the city. Your friend, Gwen, has been infected and you have to help to create an antidote. Ok, I’ll admit the story isn’t the most enthralling, but the story is there just to give you some sort of focus while your enjoying the rest of the game. 

This game excels in the small details. The way the camera is placed much closer to Spider-man, this gives a much better sense of how fast you are actually travelling when you're web-swinging. When you save someone from getting mugged, they come up a thank you. As you fight the different enemy’s your suit can take on the type of damage that they inflict upon you, and the battle damage stays with you until you can make a detour home and get a fresh suit. 

One of the coolest things in the game is that Beenox has embraced modern technology and social trends and have invented a sort of citywide twitter-esqe newsfeed, that you can watch from the options menu. As you save people they will update things like “Just got my ass save by spidy” and “Any one else see that giant rat thing on 5th?”. I’ve laughed so much at reading some of the responses other citizen’s write. I’ve often found myself spending 5 or 6 minutes reading the comments instead of playing the game. 

The game is full of jokes that Spiderman fans will pick up on and find hilarious. It’s just a fun game to play. The graphics aren’t mind blowing but are more than acceptable and the missions you’re sent on aren’t the most heart gripping and full of plot twists that keep you on edge, but I find myself not really caring. A lot of other reviewers have been saying the combat has been lifted straight out of the Batman Arkham series, I’ll admit it is very similar, but, it been changed up and it definitely feels like Spider-man’s own style, it lends itself very well and it makes the fight sequences a hell of a lot of fun to play.

Web swinging around New York is where I’ve really enjoyed my time, and the sense of scale is huge. The animations are spot on. Whether your zipping towards a huge skyscraper or free falling towards, what looks like, ants on the side walk, you get rush of speed and real sense that you’re actually a small man holding onto a 20ft strand of web for dear life pulling off an insane amounts of G-force as you sling yourself around massive buildings. 

The introduction of Web-View is a really nice touch. Pressing the shoulder button gives you the ability to get an eagle eye view of the situation. While in this mode time slows down to simulate Spider-man’s extreme reflexes and you are presented with all the different possible jump locations or special focused attacks on your enemies. Web-View has saved me more than once during a fight and has aided me while web swinging to make the cinematics amazing.

You gain experience by complete missions and helping the public as you level up you unlock new and more powerful combos for fighting and abilities such as stealth takedowns.

I am in love with this game, and I feel that this game will be the newest benchmark for all future Spider-man games. YES, I will recommend this to friends! YES, I am going back to play some more right now and YES you should pick up a copy when you can.

Overall Score: 9/10

-Kevin Newman