Monster Ate My Condo

This game came out a while ago for iPhones and just made its debut on Android and I must say that this. game. rules! It leaves you wanting more and more. 


It is a weird combination of some random Japanese cartoon with minor Spongebob graphics. The result is a loud, flashy and fast paced game that leaves you no time to think about what you're doing. You get so immersed in the game that it realistically doesn't matter, though.

The object of the game is to build a condo. It is a vertical match-3 styled game. You get a tower and a monster on each side. This tower will have a set number of bricks on it and more and more will fall from the sky as you advance in the game. There are 4 colours; Red, Blue, Green and Yellow and each one has a corrisponding monster (each with it's own back story). You can only feed a monster with it's own colour coordinted bricks. So you slide your finger over green (for example) and you will throw a green brick in a certain direction. Your goal is to get 3 bricks of the same colour in a row on your tower so you're constantly firing bricks at monsters. Once you have achieved getting 3 in a row you will get a "B" brick, which stands for Bronze. Collect 3 "B" and you get "S" (Silver) and then get 3 of those to get "G" (Gold) which you can then collect to get a diamond. 

Each of the "B", "S" and "G" activate a monster specific power if thrown. Some slow down time, some fix your building so it's standing up straight and there a few other powers to discover as well. This game is truely unique in it's look and the gameplay is insanely fun. The higher the score, the better you feel. It's pretty awesome that, when you finally do lose, a fat lady will actually sing. That's pretty boss. All-in-all the game is well worth getting. It is insanely addictive and the visual style, music and noises are a lot of fun too.

Overall Score: 10/10

Pick it up on iTunes or Android today!

- Ken Seiler