Portal 2: Perpetual Testing Initiative

With the release of this new patch for the PC/Mac version of Portal 2 (which you can read about here) I just had to try it out. I sat down with the intentions of spending 20 minutes on it so I could have a look before going to bed and ended up spending an hour making a small map and forcing my girlfriend to try it in true Apature fashion. If they have thought me one thing it is that it is ok to force tests on people. FOR SCIENCE!

The intro video alone sold me on this. It is in the typical Portal fashion and has Cave Johnson narrating a video explaining the Multi-verse and how it will allow you to create maps whilst keeping it within the story guidelines of Portal 2. The dialogue is fantastic. I laughed and fell in love with Portal 2 that much more. 

The map creator is fantastic. It allows you to create your own challenges and maps to publish into the world through Steam (which you can learn about here) and it gives you a first hand look at how to truely create challenges and in doing so makes you far better at solving them. You will be hooked right in from the start! I look forward to seeing what people can come up with. 

My next big thing is that in the first few hours of the release it had already gotten 900 maps contributed to the online service, and I'm sure far more have followed since then. There is an amazing variety in both styles and choice. This gives a fantastic new experience to an otherwise amazing game. This is not something they needed to add to make the game better and this is certainly not something they needed to do for free. Valve, you did it again! 

Overall Rating: 10/10

- Ken Seiler