For those of you who don't know, Steam is an marketplace for buying and downloading games for your computer. Every member of KJBcast uses it on a very regular basis (and plug it every chance we get!). It's a free service that allows you to purchase games online.

Their library is insanely huge and they have amazing prices. We all got Supreme Commander 2 and it's DLC for a total of €9 the other day. They have specials and discounts all the time which allows you to get your favourite games for crazy cheap. 

They also have a system of achievements for their games (not unlike xbox) which allows you to get points in the same way you would on Xbox Live. They also have a party system so you can talk or type to your friends whilst playing games. This, along with a very easy-to-navigate system makes Steam the perfect, user friendly, gaming market place. As a Mac user I love their game selection, they even have a Mac friendly section filled with games, video and DLC suited just for the apple computers. There are a lot of games I wish were on Mac but that is not Steams fault. They offer as much as possible (if not more). 

Another great feature is that they store your purchases. If you should get a new computer or remove a game that you previously purchased you can download it once again! It makes it a lot easier to keep your games and gets rid of the need to keep those stupid disks and unlock codes safe. Steam does all the heavy lifting and storing for you! You can even back up your game save files (which is strongly suggested) whenever you like. I generally do this at least once a month to make sure that I'm never losing some valuable game saves. I know that Jack, another member of KJBcast, lost his whole computer a few months back and could re-download his games but could not get his saves back so it is also suggested that you store your saves to an external hard drive or USB key and keep that safe. 

You can add your own games to Steam too, even if they are not on Steam themselves. This makes it easier to access all your games and programs when you need to! I do this so that once I boot up and it logs in to Steam I can access my game files immediately. No fuss - No muss. It's a really effective system that just keeps going! They are currently adding a new feature to mobile version that allow you to download your games remotely to your computer. So, if your computer is on and you are out then you can begin the download process so that you don't have to wait when you get home! 

Steam are constantly growing. Their library contains almost all the best games and certainly all the newest releases. If you haven't gotten it yet, I suggest you go to their website and download it immediately. Click here to go to their home page. Once you create your account you will never go back! This is really the best addition to any computer. 

Overall Rating: 10/10

- Ken Seiler