Draw Something!

My friend messaged me frantically and suggested (Ney, demanded) I get this app and let me tell you now. I do not regret it for one second! It is basically Pictionary. I play it on my iPhone but you can play it through Facebook too. The idea is basically that you get to choose from one of three words and then you have to draw a picture to explain what that word means and if your opponent guesses correctly then you both win coins. They must then draw a picture and send it to you for you to guess. There is no time limit and you can play against friends through Facebook or Username or simply play against a random opponent!

This game is both fun and challenging! Yesterday I got the word "popular" and had to describe it which is near impossible to explain in one picture. Usually you get an option to pick between three words. One easy, one medium and one hard! I find that they usually always give you at least one option that you can definitely draw! What makes the game that bit more fun is that the other player can see you drawing on their screen! This can include you deleting the entire image to start again, But pauses are taken out! If you stop to change colour or do something else, it will ignore that pause on your opponents screen! You can also watch your opponent making their guess which is sometimes quite funny when they start guessing before the picture has completed (and sometimes after). 

The game continues indefinitely until someone cannot figure out a picture and forfeits. It then will start over again (on turn 1) on the next turn! There is no real winner as such, it just seems to be an addictive game with a simple premise. I do hope to see updates soon with more words as I've started encountering duplicates and a lack of variety. My friend and I were both playing against my Girlfriend and we both got the same word against her which took some of the fun out of it at the time. Once they resolve the lack of words issue then I'm positive that the game will be flawless! 

There are two versions of the game (on Android and on Apple devices), one is an ad-supported free version which just fine, and the other costs the minimum price of an app (79c in IRE , 69p in the UK, 99c in the US) which has no ads and gives you a bonus 400 coins which you can spend on colours and bombs in the in-game store. Colours give you a better ability to draw pictures in more detail and bombs help you get rid of the letters that are not involved in the current word. You get five bombs to begin with but getting more will cost you. It's all those micro-transactions that any game offers to make them a little bit more money. 

If you have an iPad then I would suggest playing on that as a large screen is much more suited for a game like this. I generally use my phone to play while I'm on the move and it has been great! I strongly recommend this game! It's fun to play with friends or strangers and it's always worth a laugh! I have to take points from it due to the fact it tends to give you a lot of stupid words that aren't in the average day vocabulary, but beyond that it is a great game! 

Overall Rating: 6/10

If you wish to download it in the iTunes App store, click here

If you wish to download it in the Android store, click here

- Ken Seiler