Angry Birds: Space

"Angry Birds: Space" landed in the app store this morning so, naturally, the first thing I did was roll out of bed, grab my phone and head to space! Immediately I was in love with the new graphics, gravity concepts and (of course) the new Angry Bird designs! The first mission is a pretty seamless tutorial for the new space system! The series has always had a great flow and system of operation and "Angry Birds: Space" is no exception. There is no issues learning how to play it and adjusting to the new challenges. Their physics engine always seemed so smooth and natural in previous games but this time everything has been completely enhanced in order to make the game look better, play better, and feel like a whole new breed of bird tossing.

I played for roughly two hours and only got to level 22, so, needless to say the levels are as complex as always. I played each level repeatedly until I got 3 stars as I did with "Angry Birds: Rio", "Angry Birds: Seasons" and the original "Angry Birds" and as with each of its predecessors I have gotten insanely frustrated and angry at the game several times as I attempted to foil those stubborn pigs' plans to steal my valued space eggs! Ignoring the fact that these birds and little green pigs have gotten to space and somehow mastered the power of gravity, these space creatures have won me over! I cannot stop playing (even as I write this I am still taking breaks intermittently to crush some pigs' hopes and dreams of the perfect omelet) and I am happy to report that the Angry Birds saga has not lost it's touch. I find that with each game they get somewhat bigger and better but this is by far their biggest and 'bestest' yet.

I cannot stress enough how good this game is. Its graphics are better than ever, its physics engine is flowing smoother than I have ever seen and the sounds are fun! The satisfaction of getting 3 stars is also better now with their new sound system. With each star you also get a specific sound and when you get all 3 stars, all the sounds run into a sequence, which will create a very satisfying melody! However, when you fail to collect all 3 stars there is a certain empty feeling in your heart due to the lack of melody components, but that pushes you that much harder to try for your 3 stars! If you have not played Angry Birds before, then now is the time to start and this is the game to start with! If you wish a direct link to download it in the Irish iTunes store, then click here! This game comes highly KJBcast approved! Unfortunatly they do try to charge you again to unlock the next section so it loses a lot of points there for trying to swipe more money from the average Angry Birds addict. 

Overall Rating: 6/10

- Ken Seiler