Zynga's Staff Threatened With Loss of Severance


Every so often a story will come along that literally makes you have to read it several times because you can't get your head around it. This is one of those stories. Zynga's Manhattan devision has threatened it's "Walking Dead" staff. They must either train in their replacements, or they'll lose their severance pay.

The OMGPOP manager, along with about a dozen others (out of an original staff of 65) were taken aside during the recent downsizing. These dozen employees were told that they could be spared temporarily and stay an extra two months to teach someone at Zynga SF how to do their job and then have their jobs terminated  with everyone else, or they could leave without delay and take with a slashed severance package.

If these staffers chose not to work a day longer for a company that was just deferring their demise, Zynga would consider this to be quitting instead of them being let go. They all stayed, given that they had very little choice. They have now started referring to themselves as "The Walking Dead", which seems fitting with the current situation.

We’re in the unusual position of not having to be sneaky about looking for new employment while at work. FreshDirect showed up to replenish our supply of snacks and refill the beer fridge.

A couple of the guys have been playing PlayStation in the game room for the past few hours. There’s nobody in charge here. Not so bad, really.

Of course, the “nobody in charge” factor goes both ways. Stuff needs doing but key people here and at the SF headquarters are missing, workflows are disrupted, no one knows who’s taking over what roles. So that’s a little stressful.
— OMGPOP Employee

It's insane how ruthless this industry can be. Especially the large companies, such as Zynga. I honestly hope the employees find a better job in the future, and I also hope that people have learned a lesson from this. Don't work with Zynga. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Our thoughts are with the Walking Dead.