Zynga Fires 100+ Employees

We just got confirmation that Zynga (The company behind Farmville, the Ville, Bingo and most other Facebook games) has shut down its Boston office and laid off 2/3s of the employees in its Austin office, including cuts to The Ville and Bingo teams. We’ve now confirmed the initial report from Justin Maxwell and we’ve also just heard Zynga may have an all-hands meeting this afternoon.

The move comes as Zynga prepares to unveil a weak Q3 earnings report tomorrow afternoon. Share prices today dipped as low as $2.20, below their all-time low closing price of $2.21. Maxwell, who first leaked the layoff news, is a former Apple, Sony, Mint, and Smule employee. He said Zynga workers were apparently given just two hours to clean out their desks. He learned the news straight from friends at Zynga who were included in the layoffs. Zynga employees themselves may be forbidden from talking about their exit.

When we hear more, we will let you know. Our thoughts are with the people effected and their families.