Virtual Reality Specs

The history of virtual reality headsets isn’t a great one, but it does show a great thirst for technology and ingenuity. After decades of attempts and failures across the globe, a company named Oculus have decided now is the time to try again and they request your help.


The latest in a long range of very successful kickstarter projects, Oculus believes with your help they can make the break that every company wanted to make.

The Oculus Rifts are set to feature ultra low latency with 6 degrees of freedom, 110 degrees diagonal field of view, a resolution of 640x800 per eye, stereoscopic 3d rendering, and weigh around . kilograms.

The kickstarter itself is only to fund some developer kits. The target was $250,000, and this has already been doubled. Bid low and you can nab yourself a T-shirt or poster, pledge $250 and receive a prototype with doom 3 BFG, which will be the first Oculus ready game.