Trials Fusion Update Introduces Teams


Ubisoft and RedLynx have introduced 'Teams' in Trials Fusion, via a free update available to download now. You now have the ability to form a team and compete against rivals, as you make your way up the Teams leaderboard by boosting your Team score.

Trials Fusion's teams can have up to 50 members, with a name and emblem used to identify your own unique crew. Each Team has a bulletin board where teammates can exchange messages, and Teams will also be able to race against one another in private games, coming soon in the Online Multiplayer feature update.


Online Multiplayer will be coming to all Trials Fusion players in early 2015, enabling four players to race on Xbox 360, and up to eight players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Online Multiplayer will bring three extra types to Trials Fusion:

  • Online X-Supercross - up to eight players race on three random tracks, after which a winner is announced based on an accumulative best score.
  • Private Game - up to eight players select which tracks to race and customise race parameters such as gravity of the track, modifying bike speed, or inverting the bike’s controls.
  • Private Game with Spectator - Players looking to watch online multiplayer select the tracks and parameters for the race and invite eight other players to ride so they can kick-back and watch the race. These matches can also be broadcast using streaming platforms.

Trials Fusion's Online Multiplayer will also include a global leaderboard, tracking the experience earned by players in the Online X-Supercross mode. The update is available now.