Transformers: Fall For Cybertron Screen Shots

High Noon Studios has released a number of new screens shots of Transformers:Fall For Cybertron to wet the appetite of the eager gamers waiting to get their hands on the upcoming transformers thriller.


Looking through all these screen shots shows just how much love and detail that High Noon as put into their new game. We can see a number of interesting things, such as new weapons and configurations of vehicles, epic landscapes depicting the raging war and the fall of the transformers home plant Cybertron.

It's also nice to see some returning faces to this iteration of game. Optimus and Megatron are back, as well as Starscream, Bumblebee, Jazz, Jetfire and Soundwave. With just over a month to release, we can expect more screen shots and teaser trailers to rally up the fans.

This is looking to be a KJBcast must buy.

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