Titan Souls Confirmed for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita

The Devolver Digital team often scours through game jam games as fans and as evil publishers looking for incredible game ideas from talented developers. One such case is Titan Souls from Acid Nerve, which garnered all sorts of awards and attention coming out of Ludum Dare 28.

Inspired by minimalist games like Shadow of the Colossus and the intensely challenging Dark Souls, Titan Souls tells the story of a nameless warrior’s quest to bring down the ancient titans with nothing but a single, indestructible arrow. There are no lesser classes of enemies, no crafting, no grinding and no side quests – just you and the two dozen titans scattered throughout the land awaiting your challenge. Sony have announced that they are partnering with developers Mark Foster, David Fenn, and Andrew Gleeson to bring Titan Souls to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita early next year.