Thief - Gameplay Trailer


Emerging from the shadows, the latest Thief gameplay trailer finally reveals some new mechanics of the upcoming stealth action title.

Infiltration: watch Garrett swoop and creep around the City on his way from Basso's hideout to the Baron's mansion.

Theft: see him snatch the Heart of the Lion and everything shiny that isn't nailed down, including some guards' coin purses.

Escape: mission accomplished, Garrett climbs a rope arrow to the relative safety of a giant burning bridge on the point of collapse.

The new trailer also introduce elements of the City, including Garrett's clocktower home, the dark alleys of Stonemarket, the splendor of Northcrest Manor and the Auldale Bridge. Meet that old rascal Basso and his thieving magpie friend Jenivere in the screenshots below. Enjoy the trailer and, as always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!