"The Shard" gets Dishonor-ized

To celebrate the release of Dishonored, Bethesda's London office coordinated with visual design director Viktor Antonov and art director Sebastien Mittion to Dishonor-ize one of London’s most recognizable buildings, “The Shard”. It is one of the UK's most recognisable architectural wonders and it has now been recreated in the style of the game's Victorian, industrial and steampunk design.

During the game's development, Dishonored's   artistic developers visited each city extensively to study the key aspects to help them create a world that merged our two capitals, twisted iconic landmarks and re-imagined our rich heritage to produce an alternative look on how these cities may have been if history had taken another route.

I think it's pretty awesome to see the real world encorperating the video game life. I want to see more of it! Special thanks to the Daily Record for these amazing pictures! For those of you seeing this post through Appy Gamer, you will need to open our page to see the gallery.