The Future of VR and Animation is Here


It has been a big month for Kickstarters. A few days ago we announced Rooster Teeth's movie project, and now something else has come knocking on our door that has us drooling immensely.

Brandon Laatsch from the YouTube channels BrandonJLA and RocketJump and his team have been busy. They have just announced a hardware product that he has been working on that we feel is going to revolutionise the way games are played. It may even change the way things are done, forever. 

Control VR is a next-generation wearable technology that turns your hands into the ultimate intuitive controller for PCs, tablets, virtual reality and robotics. Seriously. The long term benefits of this device are immeasurable.

In their video demo below, they show off the device. It is primarily used for gaming, which is incredible in itself, but it also goes a few steps further. This product works to a degree where the deaf can communicate via sign language through the device. Sure, on PC (in most games) you can type in multiplayer, and that is the norm. But, when it comes to console gaming, there is no clear way for the deaf to communicate. This could change all that.

This device gives you complete control of any visual display currently on the market using unlimited hand gestures, without being confined to a camera’s line-of-site, to quote the website. Control VR was designed to be versatile and used with a variety of operating systems and platforms. The development kit comes with more than 10 free applications for the PC as well as an open source SDK for developers to create the applications of the future with Oculus VR, Google Glass, Unity, Unreal, Autodesk software and even the Parrot AR Drone!  

The fact that it works with Oculus makes this device incredibly current and necessary. It was clear the direction in which gaming was headed when Oculus peaked out it's head a few years ago, but now Brandon and his team have taken it to the next step and made a setup available that allows you to move the entire top of your body in a game. Also, that Iron Man flight sim almost made my head explode. You can feel as if you were flying and fighting like Mr. Stark himself.

You don't even have to kind of take my word for it. I'm just giving you a tiny taste of what this thing can do. You should 100% go and check out their Kickstarter page. You do NOT want to miss this opportunity. You can help change the way things are done, forever! Click here to visit the page, and check out the video below for more information. Don't waste this opportunity. We are so close to just being in the game. Supporting this will be a giant leap towards that. The future... is in YOUR hands! (sorry)