The Amazing Easter Eggs of Watch Dogs

Needless to say, this contains spoilers. Not only for Watch Dogs, but Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, too. Ubisoft games always have references to each other, but this game takes the preverbal cake. 

Watch Dogs is full of these little Easter Eggs from Ubisoft's other games, as well as movies, TV, anime and more. 

This first one caught my attention because it is an actress that any Archer fan should be familiar with, along with anybody who happened to watch Ubisoft's press conferences at E3 for the last 2 years. Aisha Tyler has popped up a few times in Watch Dogs during my play through. You can either spot her wandering the streets, or you can spy on her through a camera in one of the Privacy Invasion side quests. She apparently stole something from a 5 Star Restaurant. Tut tut, Aisha. She’s not the only celebrity, either. Pro stock car driver Brad Keselowski can be found walking around in Chicago as well.

If you don’t do much exploring early on, this may be the first Easter Egg you spot. In the second mission you’ll be able to head into Aiden’s sister’s house and take a look around. His nephew is hanging out on the couch playing a game on the tablet. Head on over to him and take a look at what he’s playing. Young Jackson got his hands on the recently released Child of Light. You can also spot some Assassin’s Creed games in his room. 

You can hack the many electronic road signs in the city. When you do, you will generally get a different meme, both new and old. It gets pretty addicting.


You have probably noticed that a lot of the profiles around town reference characters from movies, TV and the like. For example, they have our very own Galtero Blanco (Walter White) wandering around Chicago, and yes, he does work as a “laundry manager.” The poor guy has been diagnosed with terminal cancer – just like in Breaking Bad. For those who aren't familiar, Galtero is loosely tied to the name Walter, while the last name, Blanco, is the Spanish word for White. 

As you explore Iraq’s base of operations in Rossi-Fremont, take a minute to examine the Black Viceroys’ arcade. You might recognize one of the machines. There is an image below for you to take a closer look. 

There are a few references to Rayman running around the city, too. On newsstands, in Aiden's nephew’s room. There is even one in a bar where you go looking for T-Bone. You can interact with them using the hack button, too. 

There are many many Assassin's Creed references in the game, too. Further enforcing the notion of a Ubiverse (Ubisoft Universe) where all the Ubisoft games are set, several former Abstergo employees can be spotted in Chicago. 

You may even find Captain Kenway in the game and you may have totally missed him! Well, it’s not actually Edward Kenway, just a very devoted videogame store clerk who legally changed his name. Find Mr. Eddie Kenway in one of the many Privacy Invasion spots throughout the city.

One of my favourite reference was an invasion where you could see a son trying to explain Assassin's Creed to his father. This particular invasion can be found after you have access to your main secret bunker.

This last one has a HUGE spoiler to the Assassin's Creed: Black Flag game, so we won't tell you what it is exactly. Remember Olivier Garneau? He was one of the Abstergo Entertainment bigwigs. Well if you do remember him, you may recall he went missing at the end of the game when he was supposed to be in Chicago. As it turns out, Aiden might know something about his disappearance. Get to the last Convoy mission to find out what happened to poor Olivier. 

Have you found any more easter eggs? Let us know in the comments, below! There must be hundreds around the place. Let us know!