Tekken Creator Announces New Games


The creator of the infamous Tekken series, Katsushiro Harada, has revealed plans to announce two new games this year.

The Tekken series producer and creator has said he is  focused on developing Namco Bandai’s free-to-play line-up of games for Sony, but is looking forward to getting stuck into actually making new games again.

Tekken is one of my life’s works, and while I can’t say much here, together with the titles we were going to announce this year, I’m also working on several other titles simultaneously with Tekken.

From there, I’d like to announce at least two of those titles in 2014, and I feel that it’s something I must do.

From there, there are a few titles that we’ve been quietly working on, and some we’ve been thinking about working on, so the year 2014 looks like it’ll be a tough one. Perhaps I’ll be asking readers on Twitter when I get stuck on ideas or hit a dead-end.
— Katsushiro Harada

Keep an eye out for more information on this in the coming weeks and months.