Team Fortress 2, Shogun 2 and Football Manager Come to Sonic & All Stars Racing

Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed on PC will feature three racers exclusive to that version. Team Fortress 2's Pyro, Heavy, and Spy will join fellow kart racers like Sonic, Tails and Danica Patrick. Shogun from the Total War series and Manager Man from the Football Manager series have also secured their places exclusively on the PC version's racetracks.

Manager Man has his own transforming vehicle, which briefly turns into a football while transitioning between car, boat and plane modes.

The Shogun from Sega's Total Wars: Shogun series will also be a playable racer in the PC version, driving a unique dragon-headed vehicle.

Since the PC version is releasing through Steam, the third new racer is a trio of Team Fortress 2 characters, with the Heavy driving the boat, Pyro driving the car and Spy piloting the plane.

PC players have had to wait almost two months to get Sega’s latest kart racer since its original release, but these new characters make the wait worth it. If that isn’t good enough, however, the PC version of the game will only cost $29.99 when it launches on January 31.