Team Fortress 2: Mann vs. Machine is Live

Not long after the rumours of MvM, we started hearing facts from Valve. Now, finally, Mann vs. Machine is live and ready to go! Here's the quote from TF2:

All right, men! This is it! Gray Mann's robot army is HERE! The Mann vs. Machine war has begun!

The robots are at our doorstep, men, and trust me – they are not going to be asking for a cup of sugar. No! These monsters are going to break down our doors, take our sugar, and sprinkle it on our graves!

While you sassy little sweet peas are chewing on that, strap on your book-goggles and prepare to learn about Mann Up Mode! And loot and achievements! And a new map designed by ME! Hup hup hup! Eyes left! Eyes right! Eyes left! Eyes right! Now you are READING, puddin' cups!

You get get it on Steam now. If you already have Team Fortress 2, just start up Steam and it will download. If you do not, you can get it for free on Steam.