Next Xbox May be called Infinity ∞


We reported WAYYYY back in December that the new Xbox may be called "Infinity". I believe we also discussed it in the podcast before this. This is not a new theory. It appears, however, that the new Xbox is going to be called Infinity. 

According to recent statements, the Xbox Infinity is definitely the title Microsoft want to use. It is also suggested that the console will drop in fewer than 6 months, which isn't really surprising. Every big name game, or console, hits us just before Christmas (what a coincidence, right?).

While this information is still unconfirmed by Microsoft – it’s unlikely we’ll have any solid confirmation before the 21st, which is when they have their big reveal about the next Xbox. You can watch this online, or on your Xbox. Although, it does feel a bit like cheating to see the reveal of the console that will replace your current console, on your current console.