Need for Speed: Most Wanted Adding Kinect Support

Need for Speed Most Wanted will be integrating Kinect functionality, Microsoft and Electronic Arts announced today. Like most games with Microsoft brand recognitionNFS Most Wanted will only be implementing the voice-recognition features of Kinect, not the motion control ones — to crush the hopes and dreams of the fans who want to wave their arms wildly to drive. 

Activated Easy Drive Menu: Keep your hands on the wheel and stay in the race with Kinect for Xbox 360 voice activated easy drive menus. Using vocal commands, you can customize your car, select races, and seamlessly switch to another car and much more without ever leaving the action or taking your eyes off the road.

Mod on the Fly: Stay one step ahead of your rivals in single player by using your voice to modify your car’s upgrades to adapt to any situation.”

IGN for Sale

Reports have been released that video game news and media network, IGN, will go up on the auction block in the very near future. News Corp has been searching for a buyer to take IGN and the associated UGO and 1up gaming networks off their hands over the past year, to no avail. Now, News Corp is working with investment bank Allen & Co. on auctioning IGN and its video game-related partner networks to the highest bidder.

News Corp—the company behind the Fox media empire—purchased IGN for $650 million in 2005. That was the same year News Corp bought MySpace, which they unloaded for a fraction of the purchase price last year.

According to the post, the Wall Street Journal (which also happens to be owned by News Corp) estimates that IGN could sell for $100 million (if it goes to auction). IGN has yet to make a public comment on the news of their possible sale. Best of luck to the guys, and we hope that no one loses their job or gets cut out by the end of this. 

Need for Speed: Most Wanted hits iOS

EA Mobile has released the first action-packed teaser to the Firemonkeys developed Need For Speed Most Wanted releasing this October on mobile devices.

The teaser trailer captures the intense arcade racing Need For Speed fans can expect, featuring stunning dynamic physics-based collisions, exciting cop takedowns, and realistic visual damage to the cars. Be the Most Wanted in incredible real world cars like the Dodge Challenger SRT8 392, the Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale, the Porsche 911 Carrera S, and many more!

Medal of Honor Warfighter Beta Available for Xbox Gold Members

In this innovative multiplayer design, powered by the Frostbite 2 game engine, elite soldiers from 10 different nations go head-to-head to see who is top dog. Gamers can choose from among 12 Tier 1 units including the British SAS, German KSK, Russian Spetsnaz Alfa Group, Korean UDT and U.S. Navy SEAL as they represent their elite Special Forces online.

Gamers who download the beta will also be awarded with 60 minutes of Double XP when the full game launches. North American players who pre-order the Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition before the game launches on October 23 will also receive the Medal of Honor Warfighter Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack.

Available for a limited time, the Medal of Honor Warfighter beta features a new multiplayer mode called HotSpot, where players attack and defend randomly-selected locations on the Sarajevo Stadium map in Bosnia. Inspired by real-life operations, players team-up in pairs using the game’s unique co-op Fireteam system for a competitive advantage on the battlefield.

Fans who join the battle can help unlock the new Linkin Park “CASTLE OF GLASS” music video. EA will release the video five days after the beta launches, but gamers can unlock it earlier by downloading the beta and hitting the three million download mark. Debuting this October, the concept for Linkin Park’s “CASTLE OF GLASS” music video is the result of direct collaboration between members of Linkin Park and Danger Close Games. Produced by Mothership, with visual effects and animation by Digital Domain for Danger Close, the video will feature a unique mix of live action footage edited with gameplay recordings taken from Medal of Honor Warfighter.

You can get your copy of the beta here!