Microsoft Announce Backwards Compatibility for Xbox One

Microsoft may as well of dropped the mic and walked off stage after this announcement at E3. Later this year the Xbox One will receive backwards compatibility, allowing you to play your 360 games. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. You will not simply be able to pop in a disk and play, there are a few things you need to know first. 

The update coming late this year will install a 360 emulator on to your Xbox One, which will then allow you to run older games on your new console. However, the games are from a pre-selected list. Currently anybody in the Xbox Preview program is allowed to vote on the games they would like to see and Microsoft will reach out to the developers in an effort to allow the game to run on the emulation.

The issue is that a lot of licensing has expired, so it is really up to the developers if they want to renew their licenses and allow the games to be played on the new console. Microsoft have said they have done all the heavy lifting to move everything over, all the developers need to do is confirm it. 

The list will grow a lot more over the next few months. Currently the games available are: 

A Kingdom for Keflings

A World of Keflings

Alien Hominid HD



BattleBlock Theater

Defense Grid

Geometry Wars Evolved

Hexic HD

Jetpac Refuelled


Mass Effect


Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark Zero

Super Meat Boy

Toy Soldiers

Toy Soldiers: Cold War

Viva Piñata

Viva Piñata: TIP


You can check out the announcement below. 

Xbox 360 Now Supports 2TB Hard Drives

Xbox 360 now supports 2TB hard drives via the latest system update for the console. Support for the drives was announced earlier this month and has been available for preview members.

In addition the console will also no longer reserve space in advance on your hard drive. If you are using 16GB of hard drive space for games – the console will only take 16GB of space. You will also be able to use two external drives at a time.

Here’s some of the other features included:

  • Larger external USB hard drives – Plug in any external USB hard drive up to 2 TB to store your Xbox 360 downloads, profile, saved games, and other data.
  • Purchase history – To view your recent purchases, go to Settings > Account >Purchase History.
  • Password reset – You can now reset your password by selecting Forgot your password? at sign-in.
  • Network statistics – View download speed, upload speed, and signal strength, go to Settings> System > Network Settings. Select your network, and then choose Network Statistics.
  • See your money – Your Microsoft account balance now appears in the top-right corner of the Xbox Dashboard. To turn it off, go to Settings > Profile > Account Security.

Skype to Replace Xbox Live Chat

A person familiar with the matter said Microsoft will be "consolidating all their communications technology" around the Skype platform. This means that Skype will become the default chat service on the next generation Xbox console as well as on PC and tablets.

He added: "You might jump to the conclusion that we'll see asynchronous voice and video messages in next-gen Xbox Live".

Microsoft's $8.5 Microsoft completed an acquisition of Skype in 2011 for $8.5 billion (£5.4bn, €6.4bn) acquisition of Skype in 2011 was marked as the software giant's largest ever acquisition in its forty year history. The corporation has since opened its own Skype division within Microsoft, headed up by Skype's former Chief executive Tony Bates.

As a result Skype will become the default chat service on the next generation Xbox console, instead of the current Xbox Live voice chat. This will undoubtedly ensure video messaging as well, potentially during gameplay. In November, Microsoft announced it was preparing to close its instant message chat service MSN and replace it with Skype's messaging tool.

A recent job advertisement revealed Microsoft was seeking a user interface designer for the "next gen Xbox". The job location was said to be at Microsoft's UK-based Skype offices. The job ad reads: "The team you'll join is responsible for Skype in the living room (broadly the home), across various devices but with a focus on the large screen and the next generation of Xbox" 

Minecraft Xbox Edition Festive Skin Pack

The Festive Skin Pack will be downloadable on December 19th, 2012. It will contain 24 different skins to choose from. It will purchasable through the Xbox 360 Marketplace or directly in-game through the Downloadable Content section of the game and costs 80 Microsoft Points. A trial version of The Festive Skin Pack will be available as a free download, which enables the full use of 7 of the designs.

Skins in Festive Skin Pack [Collapse]
  • Santa
  • Mrs. Claus
  • Red Elf
  • Green Elf
  • Reindeer
  • Rudolph
  • Bad Santa
  • Santa Steve
  • Parka Steve
  • Winter Steve
  • Gingerbread Man
  • Gingerbread Woman
  • Snowman
  • Snow Golem
  • Christmas Skeleton
  • Christmas Creeper
  • Zombie Pudding
  • Zombie Turkey
  • Christmas Tree
  • Christmas Pudding
  • Present
  • Robin
  • Scrooge
  • Marley's Ghost