SSX Confirms Head-to-Head Multiplayer

Two days ago EA released two screenshots and a video that were a showcase of new content for SSX. Judging from the screenshots and trailer it most certainly confirms that the long awaited competitive multiplayer will be soon debuting in the latest SSX title. It seems that SSX is about to get a huge update.

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SSX Gets Two New DLC Packs

On May 1, two new DLC packs will be available on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, both inspired by SSX Tricky, a past title that’s considered an influencer of the base game itself. The first bundle is the Mt. Eddie pack, an SSX Tricky stylized descent with a total of nine new drops for you to grind down, all with their own race and trick tracks to conquer. Additionally, a bunch of new music tracks will be added, with two of them featured in a previous SSX game.

Second, we have the Classic Characters pack, which offers seven playable characters from past SSXtitles, each with his or her own snowboard and clothing options. Each DLC pack goes for $5.99 (around 600 Points) individually, but you can get both as part of a discounted digital bundle for $7.99. (Around 800 Microsoft Points)

SSX Free DLC Released

EA has announced that SSX players can now download playable characters Eddie Wachowski and Travis Rice for free. The two characters were previously only available to pre-order customers and via an unlock code but EA have no released them to XBL and the PSN for free download to all SSX players. You’ll also find a level 4 Geotag and six new snowboards inside the pack, including character-specific boards for Eddie, Mac, Elise, Kaori and Zoe, and Travis Rice’s signature board.

Does this now make pre-ordering SSX completely redundant? Let us know in the comments section!