Halo: Spartan Strike Out Now

Halo: Spartan Strike is now available on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, iPhone, iPad and Steam for digital download. The game is a sequel to the top-down shooter, Halo: Spartan Assault, and tells a new story from the Halo universe set during the events of Halo 2.

The game takes place on New Bombasa in 2552, the game includes improved touch controls and enhanced visuals, and sees you playing as a Spartan supersoldier in a classified ONI simulation. Spread across 30 missions, Spartan Strike tasks players with leading UNSC troops to victory with all-new weapons, abilities and vehicles.

Halo: Spartan Strike is out now for €5.99, with the Windows 8 version including the ability to compare performances in weekly challenges and on leaderboards with friends, as well as earn achievements that unlock an exclusive emblem, nameplate and avatar for Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One.

The Halo: Spartan Bundle is also available on iPad, iPhone and Steam, which includes both Halo: Spartan Assault and Halo: Spartan Strike for €9.99.

Halo 4 Spartan Ops Episodes 6-10 Release Date

Halo 4 launched worldwide in November 2012, quickly becoming the fastest-selling Halo title ever released on the Xbox 360, and the action will continue in 2013 with brand new content.  Today Microsoft and 343 Industries announced the return of Spartan Ops: Season One, which includes five weeks of brand-new content – from Jan. 21 through Feb. 24 – returning players to the episodic adventure that tells the continuing story of the UNSC Infinity. 

Re-enlist with Fireteam Crimson as they search for Spartan Thorne on planet Requiem and come face-to-face with the threat of Jul ‘Mdama and his cult of Covenant separatists. The intensity of Season One builds to its thrilling conclusion in Episodes 6-10 as the battle moves beyond Requiem to a wide variety of locations featuring epic vehicular combat and on-foot encounters with Prometheans and Covenant forces.

Each week in Halo 4 you can experience a new high-quality cinematic episode, and fight alongside friends in five action-packed playable chapters through Feb. 24. Continuing the story following the events of Halo 4, access to Spartan Ops is included with Halo 4 at no additional charge — effectively delivering two campaign experiences in one game.

The first half of Spartan Ops: Season One (Episodes 1-5) is available for play at any time in Halo 4 for those beginning their Spartan careers. Get introduced to Captain Lasky, Commander Palmer and Fireteam Majestic as they continue to explore the mysterious of the Forerunner planet of Requiem. 

Halo 4 Infinity Challenge

Starting today, players can register for the “Halo 4 Infinity Challenge” by visiting www.halo4infinitychallenge.com(localized registration sites available on Dec. 12). Launching on Dec. 17, the free-to-enter tournament will track your personal score in War Games and the number of Spartan Ops chapters you complete on global leaderboards, giving players of different preferences and skill levels all a shot at the more than 2,800 prizes. For the War Games leaderboard winner, the grand prize will be a UNSC-themed, V8-powered 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor truck designed by 343 Industries, and for the Spartan Ops winner, the grand prize will be an appearance in a future Halo game.

During the qualifier phase (Dec. 17 - Jan. 10), players will need to climb the ranks of the global leaderboards by competing in either the Spartan Ops or War Games leaderboard. After the qualifier phase, players will be tiered into three groups (based on their results on the qualifier phase leaderboards) and will enter the finals phase (Jan. 12 - Jan. 19).  In addition, players can also participate in Weekly Challenges found on Halo Waypoint for a chance to win great prizes.

During the finals, the leaderboards will reset and prizes will be awarded to the top performers in each tier. While terrific prizes are available within all three tiers, the grand prizes will be offered exclusively for those that have battled their way to the top tier.

For tournament and registration information, please visit: www.halo4infinitychallenge.com orhttp://www.halowaypoint.com/

Bungie's "Destiny" Hinted in Halo ODST

Earlier this week, the internet lit up like a candle with leaks regarding Bungie and Activision’s new space game, Destiny. As it turns out, though, Bungie’s been threading clues and hints about the project since way back. The screenshot above is taken from 2009’s Halo 3: ODST and was finally noticed earlier this week.

An inside source has recently revealed story details and concept art from Destiny, Bungie’s follow-up to the Halo franchise. Bungie has confirmed that the document was prepared by an advertising agency and represents an outside look at Destiny’s plot, key values and more. According to the document:

“Our story begins seven hundred years from now in the Last City on Earth, in a Solar System littered with the ruins of man’s Golden Age. A massive, mysterious alien ship hangs overhead like a second Moon. No one knows where it came from or what it’s here for, but only that it’s our protector. Meanwhile, strange, alien monsters creep in from the edge of the universe, determined to take Earth and the Last City. We are young ‘knights’ tasked with defending the remains of humanity, discovering the source of these monsters and – eventually – overcoming it.”

Elsewhere in the document, the massive alien ship is referred to as “the Traveler.”

A few hints to Destiny were shown in Bungie's 20th Anniversary Documentary, O Brave New World. The name "Tiger" was first used, but recent information tells that the new project name is "Destiny". The "Tiger" name was put forward by Jason Jones in the documentary. He stated in the video, "One reason that Tiger is so intriguing to so many people in the studio is that it's reaching players in a way that we haven't before,". Bungie writer Joseph Staten stated about the game, "We feel responsible for not just telling an isolated story but for building a universe that at some point is going to become more the fans' than ours. It's going to take a life of its own." Executive producer Joseph Tung added also, "I believe that it absolutely will be a game-changer in the way that Halo was a game-changer."

The name Destiny first emerged in May when court documents revealed details on four games in the series. At the time, installments in the Destiny series were revealed to be coming in fall 2013, fall 2015, fall 2017 and fall 2019. In 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2020, downloadable expansions known as “Comet” were also said to be planned. We also know that Sir Paul McCartney will be working on the soundtrack. This game is going to be huge!