Street Fighter X Mega Man Update

An update to Street Fighter X Mega Man is coming out this Friday. The patch will be free of charge, so you can run around shooting lasers at World Warriors for gratis.

In addition to roughing out many of the edges of version 1, a number of bugs will be squashed, controller support will be improved, plus M. Bison will be made stronger.

The addition of passwords is probably the biggest of all the updates, since it means we don't have to start the game from scratch every time we exit it. That's something that happened a heck of a lot to us because of accidentally pressing the insta-shutdown Escape button, but thankfully V2 remedies this too; now Escape and F12 bring up prompts making sure you want to exit or reset respectively.

The update’s set to go live at 8 p.m. EST on Friday. The patch will be available here.