State of Decay: Lifeline Trailer

Undead Labs has finally put a date on the upcoming Lifeline DLC for State of Decay, and good news: It's just three days ahead of the expansion's release. They announced the news with a new trailer to showcase the new content. Lifeline will arrive later this week, alongside the free Rucks in Trucks title update that'll enable you to put your items into the back of a vehicle.

Adding a new maps that explores the military perspective of the zombie apocalypse, Lifeline will see you facing life-altering decisions, as you play as surviving military unit Greyhoud One in the fallen city of Danforth. Rescuing scientists and salvaging research that could turn the tide in the fight against the zombie outbreak is what Lifeline is all about.

State of Decay: Lifeline will be available on May 30th for $6.99. Check out the trailer, below.