Square Enix Teaser Posted Online

Square Enix has put a teaser on their japanese website for a game that it will officially reveal on January 17th. Currently, it is suspected that it will be Final Fantasy-related.

The URL provides some hints, as the end of it says “ff_atb.” For longtime fans of the series, “ATB” can only mean “Active Time Battle,” the combat system introduced in Final Fantasy IV, which broke the tradition of simple, turn-based combat. The silhouettes of the sprites on the teaser page also seem to have an 8- or 16-bit pixel-art feel to them, suggesting that we’ll be hearing about some kind of classic Final Fantasy remake. 

Last month, Square Enix stated that "Final Fantasy V and more" would appear on iOS in the future, so it's entirely possible that this teaser image pertains to mobile ports of both those games.

"All The Bravest" was originally trademarked by Square Enix a few months ago. We have stumbled accross mentions of the name "All The Bravest" in the new teaser's source code, and there is also a link to iTunes. We will leave a copy of the source below for you all to check out, and see what you think.