Splatoon Announcement Trailer

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 17.59.06.png

At its E3 Digital Event Nintendo revealed a new shooter titled Splatoon, coming in 2015.

The online multiplayer game puts players in the role of half-human, half-squids that can transform. They are armed with paintball guns. The goal of this 4v4 shooter is to cover more the world in your respective color in paint in the given time limit. The visual style is reminiscent of recent colorful shooters like Garden Warfare and Sunset Overdrive, with gameplay similar to King of the Hill in Call of Duty. 

Aside from spraying the world and your opponents, you also have the ability to transform into a squid whenever you're standing on or next to your own color of paint. Not only do you move faster this way, but you can also plan strategic sneak attacks as well as swim straight up walls and over long gaps.