Spelunky Update Adds Daily Challenges to PS Vita and PS3


The first update for Spelunky has dropped this week for PS3 and PS Vita with big bug fixes for the game.  

Of course, every game launches with some number of bugs, and Blitworks has been working hard to fix as many of those as possible. The slowdown in certain areas of the game was probably the biggest issue, and that’s been addressed. They also fixed a bug that was preventing certain Trophies from being earned.
— Derek Yu, Mossmouth

The new version of the game has a unique feature called the Daily Challenge, where each day a set of levels is generated that has the same seed for everyone playing it. If you get a high score on the Daily Challenge, you can really attribute it to your skill and knowledge of the game, rather than the luck of the draw. 

On top of that, you only get one chance to play the Daily — if you die, you have to wait until the next day to try again. This adds to the tension of playing Spelunky.

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