So Many Me Kickstarter


So Many Me lets you play an unassuming green blob named Filo who has an incredible ability: to control his many, many clones -- called the “ME.” These clones possess all sorts of fun abilities that can be used to solve puzzles throughout the game. As you progress further through Filo’s adventure, you will find a variety of new types of clones. Understanding and harnessing their unique powers are key to your success.

Filo’s multiplicitous adventure takes him to a fantastical world, presented in a fun art style that combines adorable characters with the world’s mysterious atmosphere

For the past two years Extend Interactive been working on 'So Many Me', an all ages puzzle platform inspired by the old and modern classics of the genre. 'So Many Me' casts players as Filo as he and his seemingly endless army of clones explore a massive world and try to stop the most evil villain their world has ever seen. Only by solving tricky puzzles, navigating treacherous pitfalls, and defeating powerful bosses will the player manage to succeed in their quest!

They have launched 'So Many Me' on Kickstarter and the feedback they have been receiving from all over the world has been incredible. 

You can contribute here, and read more about it. Check out the trailer and let us know your thoughts in the comments, below!