Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North Point

The first story-driven expansion for Sleeping Dogs has been unveiled and is due out on October 30. The DLC bundle is due out just before Halloween, so obviously the Nightmare in North Point pack will be horror-themed and revolve around a zombified gang member.

Apparently the undead individual was tortured and killed by the Triads; now he's back with an army of the undead seeking revenge, and it's up to Wei Shen to neutralise the threat. The zombies' eyes glow blue and, when dispatched, they will vanish into the ground in a flash of green light.

The living dead aren't the only monsters due to arrive in Hong Kong though; Chinese vampires known as Jiang Shi will also be descending on the city. Thankfully, Wei will be receiving a peach wood sword with which to combat them. No price has been announced Nightmare in North Point as yet. Other DLC packs for the game are also due to release this month and will contain new races, vehicles, armour and weapons.

This all sounds a lot like Red Dead Redemption's "Undead Nightmare" but hey, tis the season!